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USD 803.35/pcs 803.35
The Altezani ALF 1300 is the modern home workout treadmill. Its speed varies from 1 to 12 km per hour. It is controlled through a console or remote control and contains a wide canvas. Thanks to the reinforced frame made of extra strong metal alloys, the simulator can withstand powerful jerks, daily loads, falls and other damage. It is used at home, in gyms. The manufacturer positions the Altezani ALF 1300 as a low-energy home treadmill. Its assembly is carried out with a basic tool for 15-40 minutes. The display of the treadmill shows distance traveled, workout duration, calorie consumption and current speed. The model is suitable for walking and running, has the following advantages: Air Step cushioning with advanced running elastomers to reduce stress on the spine and joints; Automatic lubrication system that prevents equipment breakdown and simplifies its maintenance; 4 LED display with instant response, high brightness and long service life; The maximum weight is 130 kg.
USD 1990.09/pcs 1990.09
The speed of the ALTEZANI ALM 1500 treadmill varies from 1 to 20 km / h. The model has a wide canvas (58 cm) with 3 tilt modes: from 0 to 15º. Its console displays your heart rate, distance traveled, body fat percentage and workout duration. The trainer can withstand daily intense workouts and is protected from falls, bumps and knocks thanks to its reinforced frame. And the Air Cushion cushioning system protects the joints and knees of athletes. The ALTEZANI ALM 1500 home treadmill contains the following equipment: Hi-Fi speaker; Tablet holder; Connectors for USB drives and MP3 players; Color TFT 15.6 display; Automatic lubrication system.   You can connect to it via WI-FI. When folded, it takes up no more space than an average mattress. And thanks to the Softdrop hydraulic system, assembly and disassembly takes 2-7 minutes. The treadmill is suitable for overweight (up to 150 kg) and thin people, beginner athletes and experienced sprinters, children and adults. It is used both at home and in gyms. Its warranty period is 12 months, and the actual service life can reach 7-10 years.
USD 1086.89/pcs 1086.89
Thanks to the reinforced frame, the ALTEZANI CR 120 ellipsoid can withstand a weight of 110 kg, and it tolerates intense loads and mechanical damage well. It has 24 levels of resistance and is customizable for a person with any physical data. It can be used by children, retirees, people recovering from injuries and illnesses. Orbitrek also has the following advantages: Display of the distance traveled, the duration of the workout, the number of calories burned, speed, load level and other indicators on the LCD display; Electromagnetic loading system providing silent operation of the cross-trainer, smooth movement of the pedals, fast switching of resistance levels; Comfortable anti-slip grips with ergonomic shape.   ALTEZANI CR 120 is an elliptical trainer for the home. But due to its high strength and durability, many fitness centers and gyms use it. The ellipsoid has built-in wheels that simplify its movement, and also takes up a small amount of space. Regular exercise on the CR 120 cross trainer brings the following results: Losing excess weight; Increased endurance; Formation of a beautiful and uniform figure; Posture correction; Prevention of injuries and diseases of the spine.   Exercising on an elliptical trainer has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems of a person. They speed up metabolism, improve blood circulation, and help overcome stress and chronic fatigue.
USD 1730.18/pcs 1730.18
The UG-EL003 professional elliptical trainer is designed for clubs with an average and high passability level. Smooth running is assured by an electromagnetic drive system, a 9 kg balanced flywheel and the highest quality bearings. The high level of comfort is complemented by comfortable handles and a LED display with a convenient and simple interface. The user can easily select or change the load level and training mode. The display shows the required workout parameters: distance; speed; time; calories burned; load level; heartbeat Soft, wide pedals, combined with long strides, provide natural comfort during your workout.
USD 2038.11/pcs 2038.11
Professional stepper UG-ST001 has a modern appearance, high-quality performance and has the necessary set of technical characteristics for high-quality training. The stepper has a smooth ride and natural trajectory. It helps to improve the appearance of the calves of the legs, strengthen the muscles of the thighs, lower legs and back, train the cardiovascular system. The UG-ST001 professional front wheel drive stepper has the following features: Soft-grip handrails make exercise not only safe, but also comfortable. An informative display in the simulator with a pleasant and eye-safe LED glow displays the basic parameters of the workout on the UG-ST001: time, pulse, calorie consumption, which allows you to focus on achieving your goals.
USD 205.79/pcs 205.79
The Altezani adjustable dumbbell weights vary from 2.5 to 24 kg. It has the following advantages: Ergonomic handle with anti-slip surface - it fits comfortably in the hand and does not chafe the skin; Rapid change in dumbbell weight by turning the disc, allowing you to instantly switch to another exercise; Pallet stand included. A metal stand can be purchased with the kit; Compactness - sports equipment does not clutter up the space, it is convenient to store and transport them.   The adjustable dumbbells are made from high strength metals and thickened plastic. Their warranty period is 12 months, and the real life is not limited in time. Sports equipment from Altezani has 15 levels of weight adjustment. With their help, you can develop the following muscle groups: Biceps; Triceps; Shoulders; Belt; Chest; Core muscles.   Other. Sports equipment from Altezani is resistant to falls and other mechanical damage. They retain their presentation for many years. Interesting fact: employees of the Italian Sports Institute (ELAV) took part in the creation of this model. Their research formed the basis for the development of a new generation of sports equipment.
USD 5213.41/pcs 5213.41
The UG-PS001 ladder stepper is designed for both professional athletes and beginners. A distinctive feature of this simulator is the combination of ease of use and safety. This simulator is suitable for training people with any type of build and physical condition, for training at any speed. Ease of use and safety are thought out to the smallest detail: Railings located on both sides provide irreplaceable comfort and ease of use The movement of the steps is automatically blocked when preparing for the start or if the athlete has left the simulator, as well as if he paused in the exercises If suddenly a foreign object falls into the openings, a lace gets caught, then the steps are blocked to avoid injury to the athlete. Features: Has 10 different load levels. Has 9 training programs, including pulse-dependent. Heart rate measurement using touch sensors. The UG – PS001 is equipped with a 7 "alphanumeric LED display.
USD 1384.15/pcs 1384.15
The quiet UG-ST002 stepper with a smooth ride will improve the appearance of the calves of the legs, strengthen the muscles of the thighs, lower legs and back, and train the cardiovascular system. The arched design of the pedal rails creates a natural trajectory. Soft-grip handrails make exercise not only safe, but also comfortable. An informative display in the simulator with a pleasant and eye-safe LED glow shows the basic parameters of the workout on the UG-ST002: time; pulse; calorie consumption, which allows you to focus on achieving your goals.
USD 1707.32/pcs 1707.32
Stylish. Lasting. Comfortable. Trusted Schwinn patented the Airdyne technology that takes air resistance to the next level in cardio training. An air separator 100252 is included with the simulator, which changes the direction of the air flow. The reliable Schwinn® AD Pro 8 is used for high intensity workouts.
USD 1364.33/pcs 1364.33
Aerobike is an aerodynamic trainer for complex training of the whole body. Ideal for high-intensity group and individual training. Powered by aerodynamic (air) resistance.
USD 1276.68/pcs 1276.68
UG-B003 / 2 horizontal trainers provide effective cardio loads without affecting the back and leg joints due to the fact that the user is in a reclining position during training. Thanks to this design feature, they are often used for rehabilitation after injuries and are recommended even for those people who are contraindicated in most types of physical activity. Features: The UG-B003 / 2 exercise machine operates on an electromagnetic resistance system. 16 kinds of training modes of the simulator allow the user to choose the most convenient manual mode, valley, slope, fat burning, swing, fitness test, random, fat analyzer, manual settings. Backlit LCD display with computerized console. The soft ergonomic seat can be adjusted vertically. Anti-slip, wear-resistant pedals. Doesn't make noise during exercise
USD 966.46/pcs 966.46
The exercise bike, based on work with air resistance, allows you to train all parts of the body in a complex way. A fan of about 67 cm gives an excellent load for efficient operation - the higher the speed, the higher the level of air resistance. Load distribution is proportional - the higher the speed, the greater the resistance level. The seat of the simulator, wide and maximally comfortable, has height and distance adjustment for adjusting the angle of the pedals. Features: Proportional training principle: the higher the speed, the higher the load. Workouts are carried out with minimal stress on the ligaments and joints. Equipped with 8 programs. Built-in wheels for easy and convenient movement. Ergonomic handles, adjustable for leg training during manual training. During training, you can set the desired parameters on the monitor and monitor them: time, distance, calories burned, different exercise intervals. The user can exercise with only hands, or with legs only, or with both hands and feet together.
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