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The Altezani ALF 1300 is the modern home workout treadmill. Its speed varies from 1 to 12 km per hour. It is controlled through a console or remote control and contains a wide canvas. Thanks to the reinforced frame made of extra strong metal alloys, the simulator can withstand powerful jerks, daily loads, falls and other damage. It is used at home, in gyms. The manufacturer positions the Altezani ALF 1300 as a low-energy home treadmill. Its assembly is carried out with a basic tool for 15-40 minutes. The display of the treadmill shows distance traveled, workout duration, calorie consumption and current speed. The model is suitable for walking and running, has the following advantages: Air Step cushioning with advanced running elastomers to reduce stress on the spine and joints; Automatic lubrication system that prevents equipment breakdown and simplifies its maintenance; 4 LED display with instant response, high brightness and long service life; The maximum weight is 130 kg.
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