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Precision Sports
Albany, United States of America
USD 549.0/pcs 549.0
STRING GUIDE Used to indicate club path. It will become obvious if your club is following down a straight path to the hole or running inside out or outside in. STROKE GROOVER BLOCK Is designed for several different exercises. When putting use the numbers on the top to make sure that your follow through is equal to or longer than your back stroke, preventing deceleration. It can also be used to control club path. Position the block in such a way that the toe of the putter just barely touches the block. Now take you normal stroke. This will begin to give you the feeling of being square at impact. BALL MARKING DEVICE If you flip the Block over you will see that a golf ball can be inserted into the depression and marked to create an even line on the ball to aid in alignment. FOAM CONTOUR PADS You can begin to practice subtle breaks by placing the foam contour pads under the carpet. You can easily achieve left to right and right to left breaks using the foam contour pads. CUP REDUCING RING This is a great tool for teaching yourself to aim for the center of the cup. HEAD ALIGNMENT GUIDE At the end of the green is a small white hash mark in the middle of the rear panel. With the flag stick in the hole, take your natural putting stance. Adjust your stance until the hash mark disappears behind the flag stick.
The Mask Bar Bleecker
United States of America
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
This cut of Goalkeeper Glove creates a tighter more streamlined feel on the hands.  A flat catching surface, internally/negatively stitched with mesh gussets.  This style of glove is perfect for the Goalkeeper who likes a tighter fit and more feel on the ball.   Gloves Packing: Kadoora Bag  with zip entrance and loop hook   Wrist Closure: Double Wrap Elasticated Strap with adjustable Velcro Point for nice fit
USD 325.0/pcs 325.0
Boxing bag "onePRO FILIPPOV" Ø45 with springs. The bag of the "onePRO FILIPPOV" series is produced according to the patented technology "PAVS 300019-3" of the "Filippov" factory. This is a unique bag for boxing in terms of strength and filling. It is made of boat, anti-vandal PVC material with a high density of 950 g/sq.m. One-piece bag made of a single linen with one vertical seam. There are no horizontal connecting seams - this directly affects the wear resistance of the bag shell. The bag is equipped with a damping, shock-absorbing liner along the entire diameter of the product. The insert significantly reduces the load on the joints. In addition, due to the liner, the swing amplitude of the bag is reduced. The bag is stuffed evenly due to the uniform crimping technology developed by our company and which has no analogues. The bag is equipped with a cross-shaped spring shock absorber "Shock absorber F". Its difference from other suspensions: it reduces the swinging amplitude of the pear due to springs that “quench” the impact inertia. the feeling of a real fight - the bag is in a state of dynamics due to slight up / down fluctuations, as if repeating the movements of the athlete. suspension system "Absorber F" is more silent, unlike chains (this is especially important in a sports club and at home). The bag is not hard!! During operation, it does not lose its original appearance. The boxing bag is universal. Suitable for different levels of athletes. It has a presentable appearance with a clear cylindrical shape. The service life in a sports club is 8-10 years. For a home gym, the service life is not limited. We understand all the risks associated with delivery by transport companies, therefore - the boxing bag "onePRO FILIPPOV" will arrive to you securely packed, in a reinforced pvc container. Scope of the product: Martial arts sports clubs, Fitness centers, "Home" gym.
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Name: Custom medal trophies and medals OEM/ODM: Yes, please contact to discuss further. Shape: Custom shape: 3D / 2D / Flat/ Double side or single side etc. Material: Zinc Alloy / Iron / Brass / Copper. Process: Die casting / Stamping / Spin casting/Printing etc. Plating Color: Gold / Silver / Bronze / Antique / Dye black / Chrome / Nickel. Logo: Stamping / Printing / Laser engraving etc. Mould Charge: $50.00-$150.00(see artwork and size). Back Side: Flat / Engraving according to your design. Attachment: Ribbon, Medal box. Sample Time: 5-7day about(working day) Lead Time: 10-15days about(working day) Shenzhen Qunyi Gifts Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise gift customization service provider integrating production, design and sales. Its business scope includes gift customization and sales of metal craft gifts, advertising cultural and inventive gifts, silica gel and PVC craft gifts. Adhering to the spirit of honest management and continuous innovation, we are committed to providing high-quality and convenient gift customization services for enterprises and teams. Qunyi gifts has many production bases in Zhongshan City, which can independently produce metal craft gifts such as lapel pins, coins, medals, keychains, medallonsand bookmarks ect,metal craft gifts. We have have a total of 32 die-casting machines, stamping machines, Automatic mold making machine and Automatic coloring machine , There are 128 professional workers and technicians working in our factory, and There are 42 people in office to follow up orders, product design and business sales. We have strong production strength, with an annual value of more than $7.5 million. Our strong strength creates excellent quality. In the process of long-term cooperation, our production strength has been deeply recognized by our customers at home and abroad.
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We produce sleeping bags in volumes
Goldstar Developments ltd.
Шымкент, Kazakhstan
USD 743.43/pcs 743.43
Camping tent BOTEEN (6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters) 6 meters, cotton material - 280g it is possible to take it complete with a canopy from rain / sun, a table, 4 chairs, 2 mattresses (for 2 ), litter under the tent from moisture. Tent packing size: 120*36*36 (weight min. 50kg). Tent (1pc): 100*18*18. Table (1pc): 95*30*20. Chair (4pcs): 52*10*55. Mattress (double). All accessories weigh: min. 40kg. Total: 90 kg (max. 120 kg). There are also 7-meter, 8-meter, two-story, transformers, etc. ITEM IS IN CHINA!
USD 14.17/pcs 14.17
Snorkel with bottom and top valve. The bottom valve allows for quick and comfortable removal of water trapped in the snorkel. The top valve prevents water from entering the snorkel when diving.The anatomical mouthpiece is made of high quality soft silicone.The corrugated middle part is also made of silicone.The snorkel has a quick-release mask mount.
Art Siz
USD 0.82 - 2.56/pcs
The best we can offer for sports training according to athletes' reviews. Successful sales on other sites confirm this! Magnesia is used in such sports as weightlifting, rock climbing, artistic gymnastics, etc. Different shapes: briquette and liquid suspension in a tube prevents spraying and spilling, while maintaining adhesion to the sports equipment (bars, rings, weights, barbell, pole, etc.) - this is a margin of safety and protection of your hands. Magnesia dries palms and increases grip reliability, absorbs moisture and sebum well. The main task is to prevent the hands from sliding on the apparatus.
USD 1799.0/pcs 1799.0
  Product Information Pedal out with high-performance, ease and the Perception® Pescador Pilot Pedal Drive Kayak. This lightweight angler ‘yak allows hands-free travels thanks to the padded pedals, and an out-of-the-water rudder helps keep your lines from tangling. You’ll love how easily this boat maneuvers through tight turns and small areas. The Pescador Pilot’s gear-ratio allows all-day cruising with minimal effort. FEATURES: 1-person, sit-on-top, fishing boat For fishing and recreational use Innovative design powered by pedals for hands-free riding Padded pedals help make maneuvering, reversing and steering comfortable Engineered for simplicity and ingenuity Delivers high-performance and ease of use Lightweight for easy transport Pilot Drive launches and docks boat Drive is removable Gear ratio for all-day cruising with minimal effort Quick Key technology engages Pilot Drive performance with a zero draft option Quick Key technology helps transition from deep waters to shallow waters Turbo Flaps help reduce turbulence for a smoother ride Turbo Flaps allow a smooth stream and promote speed Flaps constructed with rubber to help reduce noise while you ride 14” prop makes acceleration and cruising easier Multi-chine hull EasyGrip, low-profile steering with directional handling Low-pro steering allows very tight turn radius to maneuver through tight areas Out-of-the-way rudder eliminates any line tangling UV abrasion protection Impact resistant Pre-installed inserts, plus inlet/outlets, for wire transducer scupper and the display Four molded-in rod holders accommodate a variety of rod/lure combos Captain’s chair boasts stadium style seating and adjusts to accommodate most heights Captain’s chair is constructed with breathable mesh and ripstop fabrics Drive stores in hull when not in use Two Yak Attack Gear Tracks provide easy mounting points Bow tankwell with mesh net covering Storage pods for storing electronics and gear Stern tankwell with bungee pluse scupper lid provides plenty of storage for gear and accessories Strong, durable construction with varied thickness throughout Easy to repair Manufactured with less waste Five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 12’5” Width: 33.75” Deck height: 16” Boat weight: 85 lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 525 lbs. Brand : Perception Country of Origin : United States of America Style : PESCADORPILOT Color : Grasshopper, Moss Camo, Red Tiger Camo, Sonic Camo, Sunset
USD 1899.0/pcs 1899.0
Product Information Get out to the water in a jiffy for a day full of fishing on the Point 65® Martini GTX Angler Tandem Kayak! This sit-inside, fishing kayak is perfect for beginner and expert paddlers alike and is easy to carry, store and haul thanks to its Snap-Tap take-apart system. Enjoy all the luxuries of fishing in your ‘yak with one rod holder in front and two integrated rod holders behind the seat, a deckfitted mount for a GPS or fishfinder and a fish-o-meter on the side of the boat. FEATURES: Sit-inside, fishing kayak Perfect for two (2) people Perfect for beginner and expert paddlers alike Easy to carry, store and haul Constructed with 1-layer PE for lightweight durability Snap-Tap take-apart system for easy setup One rod holder in front and two integrated rod holders behind the seat for convenience Spacious cockpit for comfort Maneuverable design for precise handling and performance Includes AIR seat and an adjustable backrest for added comfort Includes a rudder integrated in hull design for performance Watertight compartments in the fore and art for dry storage Includes a deckfitted mount for a GPS, fishfinder and more Includes a fish-o-meter on the side of the kayak Includes watertight compartment for dry storage SPECIFICATIONS: Total Length: 416 cm / 13 ft 8 in Front Section Length: 179 cm / 5 ft 9 in Mid Section Length: 163 cm / 5 ft 4 in Back Section Length: 142 cm / 4 ft 8 in Width: 70 cm / 24.6 in Carry Weight: 11 kg / 24.3 lbs Total Weight Capacity: 240 kg / 530 lbs Brand : Point 65 Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported Style : 317661 Color: Green  
USD 1999.0/pcs 1999.0
  Product Information   Pedal out with ease on your next fishing trip with the Old Town® Topwater 106 PDL Angler Kayak! This sit-on-top fishing kayak features an ultra-stable DoubleU™ hull design for unmatched stability and excellent handling as you maneuver the water with its PDL™ Drive this season. Multi-position rod holders allow you to position your rods as you please, while EVA foam deck pads provide great traction and all-day comfort, even while standing.   FEATURES: Sit-on-top fishing kayak Perfect for one paddler Constructed with single layer polyethylene for durability Ultra-stable DoubleU™ hull design for unmatched stability and handling Forward/reverse PDL™ Drive with patent-pending easy-docking system for optimal performance Revolutionary universal transducer mounting system for easily mounting fish finders ElementAir™ seat for breathable comfort and support Oversized stern tank and impressive hull capacity for spacious comfort Includes two (2) multi-position rod holders for convenience and ease-of-use Onboard rod and tackle storage for easy and convenient access to fishing gear EVA foam deck pads provide traction and all-day comfort, even while standing Features a compact, easy-to-transport size     FEATURES: Length: 10’6” / 3.2 m Width: 36” / 91.4 cm Kayak Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg Weight Capacity: 450 lbs / 204.1 kg Activity: Fishing, Hunting Style: Sit-on-Top Number of Paddlers: 1 Propulsion: Pedal Material: Single Layer Polyethylene Seat Type: Element Air Seating Hatch: Bow Brand : Old Town Canoe Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported Style : TOPWATERPDL19 color : Boreal, First Light, Olive, Photic
USD 2149.0/pcs 2149.0
Product Information Focus on the fish with the easy-to-maneuver Topwater 120 PDL™ Angler Kayak by Old Town® this fishing season! Equipped with PDL™ Drive, this 12’ kayak leaves your hands free for fishing and enjoying the view on the water. With an ultra-stable DoubleU™ hull design and single layer polyethylene construction, the Topwater 120 PDL™ is built for excellent stability and handling on the water as well as durability that lasts the seasons. FEATURES: Sit-on-top fishing kayak Perfect for one paddler Constructed with single layer polyethylene for durability Ultra-stable DoubleU™ hull design for unmatched stability and handling Revolutionary universal transducer mounting system for easily mounting fish finders ElementAir™ seat with high/low positioning for breathable comfort and support Includes three (3) rod holders for convenience and ease-of-use (one forward-facing) EVA foam deck pads provide traction and all-day comfort, even while standing Rudder control knob for easy, hassle-free steering PDL™ Drive 5.5 MPH with a 10:1 gear ration Padded pedals for barefoot comfort and a secure grip Intuitive power assist pivot and docking mechanism Maintenance free and salt water ready Carry handle for easy carry to and from the water Features a QuickSeal hatch for dry storage Onboard rod and tackle storage for easy and convenient access to fishing gear SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 12’ / 3.7 m Width: 36” / 91.4 cm Kayak Weight: 106 lbs / 48 kg Weight Capacity: 500 lbs / 226.8 kg Activity: Fishing, Hunting Style: Sit-on-Top Number of Paddlers: 1 Propulsion: Pedal Material: Single Layer Polyethylene Seat Type: Element Air Seating Hatch: Bow Brand : Old Town Canoe Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported Style : TOPWATER120PDL Color : Boreal, First Light, Olive, Photic
USD 31.82 - 48.26/pcs
6 colors. Weights from 11 to 16 kg. Steel collapsible rubberized dumbbells of Russian production. The collapsible design allows you to reduce and increase the load as needed. Manufactured with a special protective anti-corrosion coating; Odorless rubber coating and harmful impurities. Leaves no marks on the floor; Supplied in a sturdy cardboard box; The standard diameter of the dumbbell bar is 25 mm, which allows it to be used with discs (pancakes) from other dumbbells or barbells; - Number of dumbbells in a box: 1 - Neck Material: Steel - Disc material: rubberized steel - Neck coating: protective anti-corrosion coating - Coating discs - protective anti-corrosion coating - disc clamps: nut - Neck diameter: 2.5 cm
USD 390.0 - 400.0/pcs
A set of elastic bands for fitness of various loads is not just a "Fitness elastic band" - it is a whole Tool that will help you become even more attractive, energetic and active! The set includes: - 3 Fitness belts of the same length with varying degrees of load (from 15 to 60 kg): 1.Light 15-25 kg; 2. Medium 25-35 kg; 3. Hard 35-60 kg; -Instructions for using AvaFIT fabric fitness bands -Storage bag. The band does not wear off or curl as there are natural latex anti-slip strips on the inside. The belt trainer for legs, arms, buttocks, abs, hips is much more powerful than latex and is suitable for high-quality workout of almost all muscle groups of your body. The expander with storage pouch will allow you to exercise at home, at the gym or when traveling. Our tapes are easy to transport and store, as they practically do not take up space and are in a special bag that comes with the kit. Cost: from 10 pcs. up to 50 pcs. - 400 rubles. from 50 pcs. up to 100 pcs. - 395 rubles. from 100 pcs. up to 500 pcs. - 390 rubles. Delivery is possible!
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Horse Bridle made in cowhide leather and steanless steel. Sizes available for Pony, cob, large size,extra large size
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Made in cowhide leather and comfortable for long ride
Roku Hockey
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We are a manufacturer and exporter of field hockey sticks, hockey bags, hockey pads, hockey gloves, hockey masks, suede grips, sportswear, and more. We are very popular in this area. We have attached some photos to this letter. If you are interested in any specific items / shapes, we are ready to provide you. Please give us the opportunity to work with you. We hope you are satisfied with our quality, price and delivery times. I look forward to your positive feedback. Best regards, Ahsan Avan Roku Hockey Wahid Road, Malkai Kahan Sialkot Pakistan
Roku Hockey
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95% carbon and 5% aramid field hockey sticks are available
"Asian Silk Way"
Москва, Russia
USD 2.72 - 4.9/pcs
Fitness elastic bands wholesale. Quality elastic bands, there are different colors and quantities in the sets. Prices are for latex rubber bands in a set of 5 pcs of different tension + bag + instruction + box. No factory logo. The minimum wholesale is from 200 pieces, the price is 420 rubles per set. With a purchased wholesale, the price is lower. For any questions please write, we will provide you with an individual miscalculation.
USD 2.4 - 4.36/pcs
Masks with animal prints. Flexible, universal size
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Baseball bats with car logos Baseball bats with car logos are a great option for an original gift, or sports equipment. Such a baseball bat will become an integral accessory for every motorist. After all, one thing is just a baseball bat, and quite another is to own a baseball bat with the logo of your favorite car. Baseball bats are made of solid Carpathian beech, the handle is in soft eco-leather. It is possible to apply the logo of any car brand on it. Application is carried out by automobile vinyl.   Characteristic: Material: Carpathian beech Size: 29.5 "(75cm) Weight: 950 grams Handle: Eco-leather winding Caption: Car Vinyl Individual packaging: box 77x8x8cm Large packaging: box 78x25x25cm (9pcs baseball bats)   It is possible to order baseball bats without a logo. Our production can ensure a stable supply of quality baseball bats with car logos. We are ready to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms. The price is indicated when ordering a mini-lot; for larger lots, the price is calculated individually.
Москва, Russia
USD 30.52/pcs 30.52
Наименование: Стельки с инфракрасным подогревом (углеродный элемент) в к-те с удлинителем Артикулы (примеры): TPL-ST-U-K1-ХХ TPL-ST-U-K1-41 Характеристики: Размер: от 34 до 46 Питание: от 5 до 7,4 Вольт Потребляемый ток (для 5V): 0,8A / Мощность: 4 Вт Потребляемый ток (для 7,4V): 1,2 A / Мощность: 8,9 Вт ( *Сопротивление элемента: 6,5 Ом , с погрешностями) Нагревательный элемент: углеродное волокно Температура нагрева (в обуви): от 40 до 50 °С Длина провода (по умолчанию): 25см Разъём (по умолчанию): питание USB /стельки JACK 2.1х5,5мм Вес: 40 гр. Комплект: стельки пара + удлинитель разветвляющийся (5V-1USB/M - 2JACK/F) Гарантия: 6 месяцев
Москва, Russia
USD 12.53/pcs 12.53
Name: Flexible heating element 9x24 cm Article: TPL-EL-924-USB / M Specifications: Size: 9x24 cm Power supply: 5 to 7.4 Volts Current consumption (for 5V): 0.7A / Power: 3.5 W Current consumption (for 7.4V): 1A / Power: 7.4 W (* Element resistance: 7.2 Ohms, with errors) Heating temperature (under clothes): 45 to 65 ° С Wire length (default): 50 cm Connector (default): USB Weight: 20g. Set: item Warranty: 12 months
USD 16.35 - 27.25/pcs
Sports uniform for boxing
USD 1095.88/pcs 1095.88
Игровой комплекс для детей МАЛЬЧИШ-миниВозраст: до 12 летРазмеры (Д х Ш х В):4,34 х 2,74 х 2,91 мЗона безопасности (Д х Ш):7,84 х 5,74 мПроизводитель:ООО "АКИБА"

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