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USD 2448.48/pcs 2448.48
Manual chain stitch embroidery machine (types of stitches: chain, braided, ribbon, embroidery with a cord and ray-shaped stitch) is intended for decorating bed linen, towels, bedspreads, shirts, robes, curtains, sports uniforms, flags and banners, emblems, blankets, dresses, hats, souvenirs and other items. This machine differs from traditional models in terms of length and width of feeding, as it is equipped with a universal feed mechanism in all directions, which is easily operated and controlled by hand and allows you to embroider any design or pattern. Analogue of Treasure ES-1114-10. Specifications : Sewing speed - 800 rpm Stitch length - 5 mm Foot lift - 7 mm Needle bar travel - 14 mm < li> Needle system 137 × 1TR 137 × 1SM
USD 6402.44/pcs 6402.44
Programmable 1-head 12-needle free shoulder embroidery machine AURORA CTF1201 is designed for professional level embroidery on ultra-light, light, medium, heavy, extra-heavy fabrics, including embroidery on finished products and headdresses ... The machine is easy to use, convenient and understandable russified control, a large number of additional accessories to the set. Basic set AURORA CTF1201 : Embroidery hoop for finished products 500 x 300 mm (1pc) Hoop for finished products 300 x 300 mm (2pc) Round hoops with a diameter of 9cm (2pcs), 12cm (2pcs), 15cm (2pcs), 20cm ( 2pcs) Baseball device 380 x 55 mm (hoop 2 pcs) Frame holder for hoop 500 x 330 mm Specifications embroidery machine AURORA CTF1201 : Embroidery field 500 x 330 mm Embroidery speed 1200 st / min Number of needles 12 Stitch length 0.1-12.7 mm Embroidery on baseball caps 380 x 55 mm Power 400 W Maximum memory of 400 designs Automatic color change Thread break sensor Russian interface Touch screen Japanese shuttle USB port Additional devices for AURORA CTF1201 (sold separately): Sliding table Sequin device Cord sewing device Cutwork devices < / li>
USD 4024.39/pcs 4024.39
The automatic computerized machine is designed for the production of one-piece knitted gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves 37 (S), 42 (M), 46 (L), 52 (L2) sizes. Equipped with Specifications : Single-phase power supply 220 V Power 250 W Manual lubrication Dimensions (length / width / height): 1 230 < span class = "hps"> x 650 x 1,700 mm < li> Automatic lubrication. Weight 250 kg Additional options 1. Thanks to computer control, it is easy to operate and easy to switch to a new type of product. 2. The self-diagnostic system monitors the load and the state of the nodes. For example, if a needle breaks, the machine will automatically stop and report the breakage. 3.Y tying device X- thread. 4.Size changer sizes. 5.The device for knitting three middle fingers separately from the extreme ones. 6.U cuff fabrication device. 7. Possibility of knitting in 6 colors. 8. Device for knitting on p half finger / Knitting device mittens. 9.Infrared area sensor security.
USD 3632.93/pcs 3632.93
The ZX-08 Aurora automatic high-performance netting machine is designed for sewing the toe of socks. The toe is sewn automatically. Automatic toe adjustment. Automatic sock alignment. Suction device. Automatic stop when the toe position is incorrect. Automatic stop if thread runs out. Adjustment according to the density of the material. Adjusting the sewing line. Adjusting the removal of finished products. Adjusting the speed. Specifications : Needles # 80-240 Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz < / li> Drive power 2500 W Suction fan power 250 W Speed ​​2480 rpm Capacity 4000 pairs / 8 hours Net weight 100 kg Machine size 405x1000x1660 mm Package size 500x1000x1200 mm
USD 7071.04/pcs 7071.04
Automatic hosiery knitting machine ZX-6F Aurora with a built-in servo motor is designed for knitting stockings and socks. All materials, including needles, have high wear resistance and meet Japanese technological standards. < / li> Fully computerized control system. Built-in uninterruptible power supply in case of sudden power outage. Equipped with a USB port for reading and storing data on USB media. Equipped with two cams for double assembly when drinking heel. So the quality of knitting is much higher. The ability to use threads of 2 colors for knitting the base and 5 colors for knitting patterns. Pneumatic control of the spinning head. Stepper motor for yarn feed. Automatic lubrication system. Oil injection is controlled by a microcomputer. Control panel LCD monitor allows the operator to easily monitor the operating conditions of the machine. Monitor for displaying information about current settings, output volume, speed, error messages, etc. The control panel allows you to adjust the stitch, speed, length, size, quantity, knitting pattern. Memory capacity Increased memory for storing more mating programs. Testing Self-defense system includes automatic testing modes, error sensors and emergency stop mode. An updated version of the graphic design is more user-friendly, easier to learn. An improved software for representing 3D knitting. Specifications : Bore - 3.75 inches (95 mm) Needles # 85-100 Drive power 0.85 kW Fan power 0.75 kW Control unit 0.80 kW Dimensions 150x120x240 cm Weight 300 kg (with packing 350 kg) Number of needles - 156 Speed ​​240-320 rpm
USD 370.43/pcs 370.43
Compact manual press for duplicating and thermal printing with a working surface of 380x380 mm is designed for duplicating and thermal printing on textile materials. The press provides reliable duplication and thermal printing by heating. The duplicating temperature and holding time are regulated depending on the processed material. Technical characteristics : Working surface 380x380 mm Temperature regulation in the range of 120-200 C Timer regulation in the range of 5-200 seconds Voltage - 220 V Heating element power - 2 KW
USD 2316.1/pcs 2316.1
A manual press complete with a table is designed for duplicating and thermal printing on textile materials. The press provides reliable duplication and thermal printing under the influence of heat and pressure. The duplicating temperature and holding time are regulated depending on the processed material. Technical characteristics : Working surface 1100x400 mm Heating element power 3 kW Temperature regulation in the range of 0-220 0 C Timer regulation in the range of 0-60 seconds Power supply 220 V Net / gross weight 95/135 kg Package size 1200 x 990 x 750 mm
USD 4283.54/pcs 4283.54
Steam mannequin for finishing with steam and air of all types of outerwear, such as shirts, jackets, coats, including sports and denim. Equipped with a built-in steam generator. It happens as follows: a product is put on the steam dummy and fixed on it with special clamps. Next, steam of the required temperature with compressed air is supplied to the product, thanks to which the processed product is smoothed and neat. Specifications: Voltage - 380 V, 50Hz Motor power - 0.75 kW Steam generator power - 15 kW Steam production - 25 kg / h Working pressure - 4 bar Dimensions - 145 * 70 * 180 cm Weight 100 kg Main advantages: The steam dummy is the most productive compared to other professional ironing equipment (ironing table, ice rink, press).
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