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The company sells components for diesel engines of the 6ch 12/14 series: Names of parts and assembly units and their designation CRANKSHAFT 164.02.101 GEAR Z-36150.02.102-2 GEAR Z-55150.02.103-3 OIL TRIPPER 171.02.041 SHAIBA150.02AY150 SHA .02.108 LEAD 657.02.110 OIL TRIPPER 551.61.041 NUT 551.61.110-01 BOLTM16x1.5x45.66.05 HATCH LID 03.103-1 THRESHOLD BEARING150.03.107-1 LATERAL COVER150.03.112 RING164.03.114 EXTREME BEARING150.03.115 UPPER INSERT LONG RESISTANT161.03.120 GASKET150.03.126 GASKET150.03.128-1 GEAR Z-72150.03.132-2 GEAR Z-43150.03.133 NUT150.03.134-1 WASHER STOP150.03.137 TOLKATEL164.03.03.151TELT116.03.03.151T1TELEKT164.03.03.151T1T1KLET1161.03.151TELT1161.03.1151T1T1KLET1161.03.151T1T1KLET1161.03.151TELT1161.03.1151T1T1KLET1161.03.151TELT1161.03.1151T1T1KLET1161.03.151T1T1K1501501501501501501-1011-1501-1011-1001 .03.208-3 WASHER150.03.221 WRENCH 150.03.221-1 NUT 450.03.240 GASKET 150.03.228-1 NUT 150.03.230 GASKET .04.022 COMPRESSION RING172.04.102 COMPRESSION RING (B) 172.04.114 PISTON FINGER 150.04.104-1 STOP RING457.04.105 SHATUNA HEAD BUSHING 10 ShPLINT4h25,05 TSILINDROV171.05.000-1 HEAD MOUNT KOROMYSEL164.05.021 PUSKOVOY150.05.022 VALVE PLUG HEAD WITH KLAPANAMI171.05.023-1 KLAPANA164.05.108-1 SLEEVE KLAPANA770.05.108 rocker LEVOE164.05.124-1 rocker PRAVOE164.05.125-1 VALVE VSASYVAYUSCHIY171. 05,127 VALVE SPRING VALVE NARUZHNAYA150.05.128 VYHLOPNOY171.05.130 KLAPANA457.05.131 LOCK PLATE PRUZHINY171.05.132 spring valve spring plate VNUTRENNYAYA171.05.135 SLEEVE KLAPANA171.05.138 KRYSHKA457.05.137 PROKLADKA157.05.167 PROKLADKA457.05.174 PROKLADKA457.05.176 VYPUSKNOY150.06.000-2 COLLECTOR COLLECTOR VYPUSKNOY153. 06.101-2 GASKET 657.49.113 FRONT COVER150.08.001 DRIVE HOUSING RS-3M657.08.002 COVER150.08.102-2 COVER551.08.102-1 GASKET 657.08.103 VALIK166.08.104 OIL DRIVE HOUSING. NASOSA166.08.105 SCHITOK551.08.109 GEAR Z-55166.08.114 DISK166.08.123 UPORNOE1chsp.27.100 RING GEAR PUMP MASLYANYY164.10.000 VEDOMAYA558.10.003-1 VALIK558.10.103 VEDUSCHAYA558.10.104-1 PRUZHINA150.10.110 GEAR PUMP INNER WHEEL KONTURA172.11.000 RABOCHEE172.11.002 VALIK756.11.104-1 WASHER150.11.112-2 SPRING 756.11.115 CALIPER SEALING GRID150.12.043-1 RING 337.12.114-2 FUEL PUMP DRIVE164.14.000-1 LEAD CLUTCH 150.14.106 ELASTIC WASHER BRACKET 164.15.106 SEALING RING 664.54.116 GLASS RIBBED 3-190-3.5 MPa OIL-PUMPING PUMP MZN-2657.17.026 FORSUNK164.25.000-4 SPRAYER 164.25.001 GASKIT16 NORDS4.17 KORODES2.27.44 KORODI-2 ORDER. 27.101-1 BUSHING BUSHING 150.27.103 BOLT164.27.103 DRIVE SPRING 337.27.104-1 STOP BUSHING 150.27.105-1 WASHER 150.27.107 AIR HEATER 457.28.001 STARTERSTR-25 GENERATORGSK-1500ZH ROTARY FREQUENCY RELAYS RRS-ЗМ ОМ4-1 VOLTAGE REGULATOR R-N-1M SPEED SENSOR 167.29.000-2 INLET WATER PUMP152.31.000-2 KRYLATKA 152.31.005 HOSE VALENKO1502.1102.1102.11.1102. .33.042 STOP USTROYSTVOSU-1-24VMN FILTER TOPLIVNYY171.36.000 ELIMENT FILTRUYUSCHIYETF-3 PUMP TOPLIVNYY159.44.000 PUMP TOPLIVNYY172.44.000 PUMP TOPLIVNYY670.24.000 PUMP TOPLIVNYY464.74.000 PUMP TOPLIVNYY661.74.000-2 PUMP TOPLIVNYY657.74.000 BASE PAIR REGULYATORA160.44.002 PLUNZHERNAYA159. 44.003-2 PLAIN COUPLES160.44.003-2 PLunger couples958.44.003-2 PLAIN COUPLES459.44.003 NAGN VALVE TATELNYY160.44.004 FINGER KRESTOVINY160.44.005 Bucs PODSHIPNIKA160.44.007 POVOROTNAYA160.44.030 LINER PLATE PRUZHINY337.24.135 PROBKA337.24.142 NASOSA160.44.108 ROLLER LINER UPORNAYA160.44.109-2 MASLOOTROZHATEL160.44.110 REGULYATORA150.44.116 RACK GEAR FITTING REGULIRUYUSCHAYA160.44.129 NAZHIMNOY160.44.131-1 PRUZHINA160 .44.132 SPRING PLATE PLUNZHERA160.44.133 PRUZHINY160.44.134 pusher in SBORE160.44.143-1 coupling with VINTOM159.44.011 SERDECHNIK150.44.026 SPRING GLASS GRAVNAYA161.44.126 PRUZHINY160.44.151 KATARAKTA150.44.006 RYCHAG160.44.009 MECHANISM - DU661.74.004 PLATAG84-1 REFRIGERATOR VOZDUHA164. 46.000-7 GEARBOX 150.48.001-1 GEAR Z-51150.48.102-3 ESTERNYA Z-53150.48.103-2 OS150.48.104-2 KOLTSO150.48.105-1 SHAYBA150.48.124 COLLECTOR VSASYVAYUSCHIY461.49.001 CENTRIFUGE MASLYANAYA150.77.000

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