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High Efficiency Chillers High efficiency air cooled scroll chillers are modular in design. The main modules are 330 and 440 kW. Up to 8 modules can be combined, the total cooling capacity can reach 3520 kW. The device can be widely used in a wide variety of buildings: hotels, hospitals and office buildings, etc.
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Rethinking high performance Wide capacity range and operating range EMS maximizes comfort and energy efficiency EVI increases heating and cooling capacity under extreme conditions Configurable up to 3 units into a single system simplifies equipment installation and operation As VRF's flagship product, the V6 boasts significant advantages, such as the combined power can reach 96 HP, which is the HVAC industry leader; The EVI compressor greatly increases the heating and cooling capacity in extreme conditions, EMS understands that the evaporating temperature (when cooling) and the condensing temperature (when heating) are automatically adjusted according to the temperature both inside and outside to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. In addition, the intelligent control system enhances the value of the V6 product. Design features Wide performance range: · 13 basic modules with a capacity of 8-32 HP, outdoor units of 1-4 basic modules. System performance 8-128 HP in steps of 2 HP. The maximum number of indoor units in the system is 64. *A system of 4 base modules is available on request. New efficient compressor with EVI technology: · Thanks to EVI technology (additional refrigerant injection into the compressor), Midea V6 systems can work stably at temperatures down to -15 °C in cooling mode, up to -23 °C in heating mode. Highly efficient post-cooling heat exchanger: · In the plate heat exchanger (economizer), the refrigerant is additionally cooled. This has two positive effects. First: due to additional subcooling of the refrigerant, the energy efficiency of cooling increased by 10% in the temperature range from -15 to +43 °С. The second effect: productivity increased by 26% in heating mode at temperatures down to -15 °C. Extended piping length: In the Midea V6 system, the maximum piping length from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit reaches 200 m with a total length of all pipes of 1000 m. above). · Height difference between indoor units 30 m. · Equivalent piping length from the first branch to the outermost indoor unit 40 m (standard value). The length can be increased under certain conditions (see technical documentation). High static pressure outdoor fans: · 60 Pa pressure provides more ways to install the system. · This circumstance provides additional convenience for floor-by-floor installation of equipment on the verandas of high-rise buildings. High Energy Efficiency: · EER increased to 4.75 (in 8 HP system) thanks to full DC inverter technology, refrigerant boiling point control technology and efficient subcooling. Space and Investment Savings: · Due to the high performance base modules and the world's highest total system performance, fewer modules (systems) can be used in a number of sites. For this reason, competitors have higher capital costs and additional piping costs and, consequently, installation work. In addition, Midea V6 equipment will take up less space. EMS Variable Refrigerant Temperature Technology: · VRF Midea V6 systems manage the flow and temperature of the refrigerant at the same time, unlike systems from many other manufacturers. EMS variable refrigerant temperature technology is applied in cooling and heating mode. In the first case, the boiling temperature in the evaporator of the indoor unit is changed; in the second case, the condensation temperature is changed. If the actual heat load is lower than the rated one, the temperature may be raised in cooling (or lowered in heating). As a result, the system works more economically. In addition, in the cooling mode, the air flow from the indoor unit is warmer and does not create discomfort in the way of its distribution. The temperature change occurs automatically according to a special algorithm. The control board ensures that the compressor runs at optimum speed with the highest efficiency. Efficient outdoor unit heat exchanger: · The area of ​​the new heat exchangers is increased by 21%. The heat exchangers have a three-row G-shaped design, a new shape of the lamellas, due to which the condensation rate has increased. The heat transfer efficiency has increased by 20%. Fully DC Inverter Fan Motors: · The DC inverter motor precisely adjusts the fan speed based on the actual load and refrigerant pressure to achieve the lowest power consumption. Dual redundancy mode for outdoor units and compressors and Explicit duty cycle of outdoor units: · In multi-module combination, when one of the units stops (due to an error or malfunction), the service technician can turn on the unit in standby mode. In a system with one outdoor unit with 2 compressors, if one compressor fails, the other compressor can continue to operate for 4 days, allowing enough time to repair or replace the equipment. · The control system cyclically changes the switching sequence of the outdoor units, balancing the load on each unit and extending the service life. High performance balancing and oil return technology. Anti-corrosion protection: · The outdoor units have undergone anti-corrosion treatment that meets normal conditions. For use in special conditions, special treatment can be carried out on the steel body, grilles, heat exchanger fins, electronic control box, bolts and screws to protect against corrosive air, acid rain, sea air to increase the service life. Features and Benefits Auto addressing function: · The maximum number of indoor units in the system is 64. The control system will automatically assign an address to each unit. The wireless controller can identify and change the address of any indoor unit. Dust cleaning function: Innovative dust cleaning technology keeps performance stable. Non-polar wire connections: · Connections between outdoor and indoor units are made with a two-wire non-polar shielded PQ cable. · The system is operational regardless of the order in which the PQ-cable wires are connected to a pair of device terminals (non-critical to polarity). Silent night mode: · In this mode, the noise level can be significantly reduced. Silent night mode will be activated 6 hours after the temperature has passed the peak value during the day, and then after 10 hours it will return to normal mode. 7-Speed ​​Indoor Fan: · Choose from 7 fan speeds to fine-tune the exhaust air volume and noise level to suit people's current needs. Growth of productivity in the heating mode: · Heating productivity does not decrease to a temperature of -5 °C and makes 90% from nominal to -15 °C. Outside air operating temperature range: · The V6 system provides stable operation both in winter at -23 °C and in hot summer at 48 °C. Intelligent defrosting technology: · The time required for defrosting is calculated by software according to the current situation, which eliminates energy waste. AHUKZ-01/02/03B modules for connecting the outdoor unit to the evaporator of the central air conditioner or indoor units without EEV: Using the AHUKZ-01/02/03B modules, the outdoor unit of the Midea VRF system can be connected to the evaporator of the supply unit (central air conditioner), or to an air conditioner indoor unit without an electronic expansion valve. The connection module includes a block that combines the control and electronic expansion valve sections, a set of temperature sensors, a wired control panel and a remote display. The main purpose of the module is smooth control of the air conditioning performance and indication of operation errors on the remote display.
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Climate and engineering systems
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FujiPlus Air Curtains are produced to meet customer needs in any environment.
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FujiPlus Sakura Series is sold as Inverter models 9000BTU / 12000BTU / 18000BTU / 24000BTU. Our products are pioneers in both price and quality.
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FujiPlus Cassette Type air conditioners are produced to meet your needs in any environment.
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FujiPlus living room type air conditioners are among the leading products in the world in terms of price performance. 42000BTU and 48000BTU On / Off are sold as Inverter. Different pricing is applied according to different capacities.
Eko Air
USD 28.3 - 1183.15/pcs
EXW from 26,22 Euros Please, send you requirement to  
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These are split and window model air conditioning units for home use. For split type air conditioners, we only carry models that were made in Japan.  Our main brands are: Daikin, Fujitsu, National, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Sanyo. Because we principally deal in second-hand goods, sales are made in the product's current condition. This includes goods that do not turn on and goods that do not run, so it is best to assume that products will require cleaning and repairs when you make a purchase. Depending on the product, items will receive some simple wrapping, but generally products will be packed into a container in their current condition.  Concerning the delivery method, it is standard to pay for a 20ft or a HQ 40ft container, but it is also possible to ship by LCL depending on the circumstances.
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thermostat Output: 10A dry contact power; input: 220V AC temperature range: -50.0 ° C & nbsp; 110.9 & deg; C control range: -50.0 & deg; ~ 110.9 & deg; accuracy: & plusmn; 0.1 & deg; C sense: & nbsp; NTC10K watertight sensor cable length: 1m lengths: 85x60x30mm
USD 50.0/pcs 50.0
hygrostat output: 10A dry contact power input: 220V AC humidity measuring range: 0.0% to 99.0% control range: 0.0% 99.0% accuracy: ± 2% sensor cable length: 1m Dimensions: 85x60x30mm
"Asian Silk Way"
Москва, Russia
USD 45.73 - 228.66/pcs
Wholesale supply of disinfection lamps for medical and household purposes. Large selection from manufacturers in China. Prices vary in size and capacity. Send a request and our managers will answer all your questions.
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; l & ccedil; controls target fogging. R & uuml; zg and rain sensors keep windows closed during stormy and rainy weather. & Uuml; can be remotely managed from computers and smartphones using a web browser . Any other senses you want (light, carbon dioxide) and control programs (fan, honeycomb, curtain, carbon dioxide) can be added for additional fee. THE DELIVERY IS IN 1 WEEK FROM THE DELIVERY RATE.
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Все виды кондиционеров -Сплит-система  -Инверторные сплит-системы -Полупромышленные сплит-системы напольно-потолочного типа -Полупромышленные сплит-системы канального типа -Полупромышленные сплит-системы кассетного типа . от 7000 до 60000 BTU .
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Противогаз гп-5
Уфа, Russia
USD 8.31 - 12.42/pcs
Honeywell sensor (SO11001) is original for many models of Baxi and Westen boilers, it is also suitable for many boilers of European brands. Compatible with boilers of companies: Baxi (Eco, Eco 3, Eco 3 Compact, Luna, Luna AIR, Luna MAX, Luna Plus, Luna Silver Space, Luna 3, Luna 3 Comfort, Luna 3 Comfort AIR, Luna 3 Silver Space, Luna 3 Comfort MAX, Main, Main Digit, Nuvola, Nuvola 3 Comfort), Westen (Pulsar, Quasar, Quasar Plus, Star Digit, Star Master), Buderus, etc.
USD 3.66 - 15.09/pcs
Tа3 комнатный термостат, действие которого основано на расширении насыщенного пара в газовом сильфоне, представляет собой новую версию термостата Tа2n.Он также надежен и удобен в применении. Та3 отличает съемная ручка, что предотвращает поломку и современный дизайн, подходящий к любому интерьеру.
USD 30.34 - 178.2/pcs
Обогреватели Sunrain предназначены для основного и дополнительного обогрева общественных, административно-бытовых помещений, а также для обогрева обитаемых помещений, не предназначенных для бытового использования, например магазинов, производственных цехов, складов, спортивных сооружений, на промышленных предприятиях и объектах сельского хозяйства, с высотой потолков не ниже 3,5 м.Инфракрасные обогреватели нагревают не воздух, а поверхности и предметы, находящиеся в зоне его действия, то есть пол, стены, и самих людей. При этом способе передачи тепла затраты на обогрев существенно снижаются, так как происходит оптимальное распределение температуры, а также общее снижение средней температуры без потери комфортности.Промышленные инфракрасные обогреватели Sunrain представлены в четырех моделях: 1000, 1500, 2000 и 3000 Вт. Обогреватели устанавливаются на потолке, не занимая пространство стен и освобождая дополнительное пространство. Конструкторско-технологической группой «Теплофон» были проведены исследования по улучшению теплоотдающих свойств греющих панелей промышленных обогревателей. Благодаря использованию на лицевой стороне панели высокотемпературной краски и увеличению коэффициента черноты покрытия панелей, значительно повысились теплоотдающие свойства обогревателей.
USD 43.45 - 65.4/pcs
Обогреватели Теплофон iT, Теплофон МТ, «Бриз».Имеющийся в электрообогревателе электронный программируемый термостат определяет комнатную тепрературу, с помощью встроенного термодатчика и осуществляет автоматическое включение электрообогревателя в случае если измеряемая температура оказывается ниже заданной пользователей и выключение электрообогревателя если измеряемая температура оказывается равной или больше заданной пользователем. Таким образом осуществляется поддержание требуемой температуры в помещении, без лишних затрат электроэнергии.Термостат имеет три основных режима: «дежурный», «ручной», «по программе».Дежурный режим – режим выключенного термостата, в котором прибор производит только измерение окружающей температуры и отображает текущее время.Ручной режим позволяет напрямую ввести требуемую температуру, для автоматического поддержания ее в помещении.Режим работы «по программе» позволяет задать разные значения температур для различных временных отрезков суточного и недельного циклов, автоматически поддерживать температуру в отапливаемом помещении, в соответствии с заданной пользователем программой, что позволяет максимально экономно расходовать электроэнергию.

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