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  Caprolone production is based on the polymerization of lactam, known as aminocaproic acid, at a reduced temperature. The reaction is accelerated by the addition of alkaline catalysts and other activators. Corrosion does not threaten such sheets. No toxic substances were found in their structural basis. Products can come into contact with any food products without consequences. This fact is confirmed in the official conclusion of the SES. Polyamide-6 sheets are durable in operation and can easily withstand various loads. The material has a reduced coefficient of friction, due to which, in the process of using them as part of individual units, it is possible to refuse the use of lubricants. The main field of application of caprolon sheets is mechanical engineering. They are indispensable for renovation work. Sheets are operated at temperatures from –30 to + 90ºС. However, it should be borne in mind that they begin to melt already at 250 ° C. The main characteristics of the material: at break, the relative elongation reaches fifty percent; at a pressure of 90 units, the strength of the material is noticeably reduced. When the material is compressed and deformed by an average of 5%, the stress is 92 MPa. Rod and sheet caprolon is resistant to wear and shock loads, is not susceptible to the effects of corrosive media, and does not emit substances hazardous to health during operation and heating. Material Application: production of various parts for conveyors and machines; manufacture of dishes and products for the food industry; production of electrical and radio engineering parts; production of durable, corrosion-resistant self-lubricating bearings, as well as blades, gears and other parts for conveyors and pumps for various purposes A big plus of the material is that during operation as a part of units, it does not make a lot of noise and often does not require the use of additional lubrication. Our experts will professionally advise on the possibility of using caprolon in your equipment, select the optimal brand and size of the workpiece. In most cases, we can also help with the manufacture of finished products.

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