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USD 1500.0/pcs 1500.0
SECURE YOUR FINANCES: Control who accesses company data with role-based security. Easily keep track of financials with audit trails. Stay on top of business performance with advanced budgeting tools. Configuration: multi user 1-user - 100,000 Rs 2-user - 150,000 Rs 3-user - 200,000 Rs 4-user - 250,000 Rs 5-user - 300,000 Rs TRUSTED ACCOUNTING: For more than 40 years, Sage has supported small businesses with powerful accounting software. Sage 50 Accounting is the time trusted solution to help grow your business. EASY TO USE: Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is advanced desktop accounting software with industry-specific functionality for construction, distribution, manufacturing, and nonprofit for up to 40 users(1). PAY BILLS & INVOICE: Spend less time focusing on administrative tasks with accounting software that lets you easily pay bills and invoice customers while tracking billable and non-billable costs. MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS: Job costing by phase and cost type calculates job profitability. Manage multiple companies(2) in one accounting software. Track inventory and easily create purchase orders. SECURE YOUR FINANCES: Control who accesses company data with role-based security. Easily keep track of financials with audit trails. Stay on top of business performance with advanced budgeting tools.
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CNC Industrial Electronics Repair, CNC System Repair, CNC Electronics Repair, Industrial CNC Repair, CNC Repair, PCU Repair, NCU Repair, CNC Repair, PLC Repair, CNC System Repair, Operator Panel Repair, Servo Drive Repair, Servo Amplifier Repair, Repair servo motor, encoder repair, resolver repair, CNC controller repair, control board repair, power supply unit repair, linear unit repair, Positioner repair, radar control unit, recuperation unit repair, uninterruptible unit repair, frequency converter repair, axle drive repair, control panel repair, repair control systems, repair of electronic boards, repair of blocks, power supplies, Element-by-element diagnostics, Determination of faulty microcircuits, Replacement of faulty microcircuits, Repair of faulty boards, Writing off firmware from microcircuits, Writing firmware to microcircuits, Checking the performance of equipment on the stand, Setting up, Connecting, Parameterizing, Programming, Conclusion of a contract Provision of a guarantee for the repair of an electronic device 6 months. Fanuc CNC CNC 0i 0i-MD 0i-TD 0i-TB 0i-PD 0i-TC 32i-B 31i-B 31i-B5 30i-B 18i-MB 21i-TB MC 35i D 16i 6M 9M 11M Siemens Sinumerik CNC CNC 840D 810D 802D 828D 802S 840Di 840DE 808d 802 840 sl CNC System 8 3 Heidenhain CNC CNC iTNC TNC 640 620 320 6230 124 128 310 320 406 416 410 426 620 640 530 121 122 123 125 131 135 145 155 150 151 100 200 355 300 407 415 425 234 246 2500 306 310 335 351 355 360 370 430 232 B 332 MANUALpus 620 4110 PILOT 640 3190 4290 Bosch Rexroth Indramat CNC CNC BWO 900 MT-CNC IndraMotion MTX micro standard performance advanced MTC200 ISP200 MTA200 TRANS200 MT400G C220 Mitsubishi Electric CNCV M70V M7 E70 C70 E68 М700 60S MELDAS C6 C64 500 600 300 MAGIC50 Mazak CNC CNC Mazatrol MATRIX 2 NEXUS SMART PREVIEW 3 640mt prov 640t 640m 640 smooth x t1 t plus t32-3 t32b t32-6 cam m-2 smart m-32 t-2 Control Fagor Automation CNC CNC 8065 m 8060 8037 8055 8070 8055i 8050 8085 8025 ALLEN BRADLEY CNC CNC SERIES 9 8600 8400 7300 8200 mp 8601 6180 FIDIA CNC CNC C40 Visio n C20 nC19 nC 12R nC 15 C10 Delem CNC CNC DA-66T DA-56s DA-56 DA-58T DA-52s DA-60 DA-69T DA-50s DA-40s DA-41s DA-66W DA-65R da-24e Ema DA-21e da-65 DA-65w DA-51 DM-51 DA-21 DA-58 DA-58e BURNY CNC CNC PHANTOM II Phantom ST II BURNY 10LCD Plus BURNY 2.5 Plus BURNY 2.8 Plus BURNY 3 BURNY 5 BURNY 10 BURNY 10 LCD Burny 1250 Plus Burny 1400 Plus Replicator CCD Replicator 1000 CCD Replicator 1100 CCD AMC 4C2 AMC 4C AMC 4 XL Balt-System CNC CNC NC CNC NC-301, NC-302, NC-201M, NC-202, NC -210, NC-220, NC-230, NC-110, NC-310 Delta CNC CNC NC300 Haas CNC CNC CONTROL TL HYPERTHERM CNC CNC EDGE Pro Ti FMS FMS-3000 Comfort, FMS-3000 light, FMS-3100, FMS- 3000 standart, FMS-3200 comfort Mikros Mikros-12T, Mikros-12F, Mikros-12Sh, Mikros-12E, Mikros-12TS Mayak Mayak-600, EMayak-610, Mayak-610E, Mayak-621, Mayak-622, RASKIN Control Socapel 303, RASKIN RT 145, Cybelec MoDeva, DNC 880, DNC 600, DNC 60, LIEBHERR LC 255 CNC, CNC 2 PB 17, TOYODA, FLEX NC, STOECKEL, ROSA ECS CNC 2400 D, MARPOSS E 9034, OKUMA OSP 7 00 G, UNIC F, NUM 750 R 760, EMAG GEHRING II, KELLENBERGER KELCO 90, BRIDGEPORT EZ SURF, GPLUS 450 We offer diagnostics, repair, assembly, installation, commissioning of switchboard equipment from simple to complex solutions. Repair of power panels, input distribution devices, main switchboards, automatic transfer switch cabinets, various control cabinets, from the control of pumping stations, ventilation, lighting. Modernization (retrofit) of switchboard equipment at existing facilities. Experts will offer the optimal technical solution at a democratic cost.
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Overhaul of diesel generator automation: - diagnostics and replacement of the diesel generator controller with their calibration; - production of a control cabinet based on analog devices or based on controllers, with various degrees of automation. It is possible to manufacture an analogue of old discontinued remotes. Overhaul and installation of an electronic speed controller at the Customer's diesel power plant - selection and installation of the Actuator on the Customer's injection pump with the manufacture of mounting plates, setting up the Speed ​​Control Unit and installing an induction speed sensor on the flywheel.
USD 457.75/pcs 457.75
Automation of the legal function is not about replacing specialists with robots, but about reducing the routine and increasing the number of creative tasks. Smart technologies will not do the job for lawyers, but the solution of many typical tasks can already be accelerated by 7-10 times. For example, if without an automation system it takes 20 minutes to prepare a typical claim, then with it takes only 3 minutes. Delivery basis: SAAS system with military level protection Possibility of telephony API integration, integration of other systems and databases. Using document templates Automatic / manual / script scripts Cards with customization on the user side Document storage Tasks / Events / Cleint portal (free client cabinets for the system without restrictions). Reporting of any complexity manually or through integration. Test accesses and presentation by contacts Clients in Russia, France, USA, Germany, etc.
USD 29.0/pcs 29.0
Company: ZARIF SHVEYNAYA MASHINA LLC (Agent of the American company Tukatech Inc. in Uzbekistan). Title: The world's first CAD program for Clothing "TUKAcad APM (Automatic Model Making)" with online subscription (the first and only one in the world). Purpose: Version for automatic production of clothing models (Russian language available). Price: from $399/month. Payment method: VISA card (to make Internet payments, you must enter the following VISA card details: card number of 16 digits, card expiration date of 4 digits and a special service code of 3 digits, which is indicated on the back of the card) . Advantages of the TUKATECH clothing CAD program purchased through an online subscription: 1. Affordable monthly price for various versions of the TUKATECH clothing CAD program for various categories of users. 2. The clothing CAD program “TUKATECH” is available in various languages, including Russian. 3. The CAD clothing program “TUKATECH” has built-in audio/video lessons in English for learning the program. 4. The user can write the “TUKATECH” clothing CAD installation program, received after online payment, onto a USB flash drive and install it on any computer, and then launch it using his login and password, which allows the user to work in the program remotely at a convenient time from any computer connected to the Internet. 5. The user always works in the latest version of the clothing CAD program “TUKATECH”. Features of the “TUKAcad APM” program: - Unlimited number of patterns (templates) per file. - Unlimited gradation sizes of patterns (templates) per file. - Unlimited sizes of markers (layouts) for placing patterns (templates). - Automatic creation of models and sorting. - Audio/video lessons in English to study the program. The TUKA APM program is the industry's first automatic production system for clothing patterns. Garment suppliers and factories will be able to quickly generate a two-dimensional 2D CAD sample from a bill of materials, including costing rules, and then transfer the sample into TUKAmark to create a cost marker. In the TUKA APM program, digital model makers choose from a library of silhouettes that includes styles such as T-shirts, pants, jackets, suits and more for men and women. Each style is preloaded with corresponding measurement points for user definition. A visual guide shows the location of each measurement point around a garment, so even novice fashion designers can easily create a completely new design from scratch. They can even define valuation rules so that, with the click of a button, the first template is ready to create a costing marker. The TUKAcad APM program includes import/export, digitization, optimization and data generation. Versions of the clothing CAD program “TUKAcad”, available by online subscription: 1. “TUKAcad Learning Edition” program for $19/month, version for fashion students and teachers. 2. “TUKAcad Professional Edition” program for $199/month, version for freelancers and fashion entrepreneurs. 3. “TUKAcad Tailor Edition” program from $349/month, version for making custom clothing. 4. The world's first program “TUKAcad APM” from $399/month, version for automatic production of clothing models. All four versions of the TUKAcad program purchased through an online subscription have their own characteristics and protections. All versions of the TUKAcad program purchased through online licensing on the website have the following features: 1. The required version of the TUKAcad program must be installed on the computer using the installation program TUKAcad_(program version)_setup.exe. 2. After completing the installation of the TUKAcad program on the computer, three programs will appear on the computer desktop: TUKAdesign, TUKAmark and TUKAupdate. 3. To start working on the “TUKAdesign”, “TUKAmark” programs, you must first connect your computer to the Internet, then the user must enter his login and password, which the user entered when purchasing the program through an online subscription on the website, in the window that opens, before starting the programs “ TUKAdesign", "TUKAmark". 4. For all versions of the TUKAcad program (except for the 30-day demo version of the program purchased for $1 on the website) updates are available using the TUKAupdate-Software Manager program. 5. All versions of the “TUKAcad” program installed on a computer through online licensing allow the user to work on the programs remotely from any other computer using their login and password, if the downloaded licensed installation program “TUKAcad” is written to a USB flash drive and installed using it program to another computer connected to the Internet. All versions of the “TUKAcad” program purchased through online licensing on the website have the following protections: 1. The program will work normally for a long time if the computer is connected to the Internet; when the computer is disconnected from the Internet, after a short time of working in this mode, the program will shut down. 2. Ifand, using the same login and password, several users will work on the program, after a short time of working in this mode, the program will be turned off for all users. The Tukatech company was the first in the world to introduce Tukacad, a software solution for the automated creation of templates (patterns), gradations and markers, which allows users to start working with the program immediately after an online subscription on the website “This is the same Award-winning software with all the same great features, including help video lessons. Now we have made it available to everyone at any time. No more waiting to contact a live person to place an order and then waiting for the key to arrive,” said Sonia Chhabra, director of Tukatech. At the beginning of March 2020, our company ZARIF SHVEYNAYA MASHINA LLC became an Agent of the American company Tukatech Inc. for advertising and sale of their equipment, CAD software products for clothing under the “TUKATECH” brand in Uzbekistan. The company "ZARIF SHVEYNAYA MASHINA" LLC is always ready to serve you if you have interests in purchasing equipment and software products for CAD clothing under the "TUKATECH" brand. Our main advantage is the absence of intermediaries when customers purchase products from our foreign partners, since customers directly enter into Contracts with our foreign partners to purchase their products.
USD 23.71/pcs 23.71
Frequency tachometer with relay output 3A / 220V and programmable alarm. Measuring frequencies 0.1-5000Hz and speed 6-9999RPM. Display 4 characters. Dimensions 48x98x100mm. Weight 0.33kg.
USD 42.51/pcs 42.51
Temperature controller with relay output 3A / 220V and 2 programmable alarms. Universal TC and RTD thermocouple input, PID temperature control algorithm with auto tuning. RS-485 Modbus RTU. Dimensions 72x72x100mm. Weight 0.34kg.
USD 22.89/pcs 22.89
A specialized temperature controller for a refrigeration plant or warehouse with three relay outputs 10A / 220V and 1A / 220V. Control of heater, refrigeration compressor, ventilation and lighting. Manual and automatic heating and cooling functions. Includes two thermocouples. Dimensions 36x72x86mm. Weight 0.25kg.
USD 67.56 - 4576.44/pcs
Frequency inverter INNOVERT of the IBD and ISD series is a multifunctional frequency inverter, convenient in operation and settings. Perfect for industrial installations and water supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, conveyor systems, extruders, metal-cutting machines, etc. You can buy an INNOVERT frequency converter by contacting the company's contact phones "Promsitech". Functions: speed regulation set by analog signals, digital network or potentiometer knob on the front panel. 15 preset speeds 4 different options for acceleration and deceleration reversing motor overcurrent, voltage protection temperature control of the transistor module DC braking electronic potentiometer (MOP) PID control mode of technological parameters (pressure, temperature, flow, etc.) PLC speed control mode RS485 port, Modbus protocol
USD 444.54/pcs 444.54
Barcodes, which have been used in retail for decades, can quickly identify a product, find out or change its price. Barcodes, read by a special mobile computer called the Data Acquisition Terminal (DCT), instantly identify the product, no matter where it is - in the shop window, in the back room or in the warehouse. It is not so to identify an item without barcodes and a mobile scanner simple.
USD 2360.4/pcs 2360.4
Zebra's generation of high-performance ZT400 series printers are built on the proven Z Series platform (well known ZM400 / ZM600 models). The significantly increased print speed and large amount of RAM will allow you to quickly and efficiently perform even serious print volumes. Standard Ethernet 10/100 and Bluetooth 2.1 provide the widest range of connectivity options.
USD 251.28 - 462.03/pcs
Zebra's updated GK420d is the best desktop printer to date with 104mm print width. Recommended for use in small warehouses, shops, pharmacies, offices, etc., as well as where it is required to print large labels for product labeling with a short (up to a month) shelf life. Features and Capabilities Zebra G-Series Compact Desktop Printers deliver the best print speeds and productivity in their class, printing up to 104mm wide.

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