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USD 28.58/pcs 28.58
The prefabricated dollhouse is made of wood and is designed for children from 3 years old to play. The dimensions of the toy are 50x44x40.5 cm. Doll furniture is not included in the package of the house. Look at the furniture sets for dolls on our website.
Иваново, Russia
USD 30.49 - 80.79/pcs
Иваново, Russia
USD 48.78 - 129.57/pcs
USD 1.83/pcs 1.83
Glove baby doll Bi-Ba-Bo is a simple doll measuring 30 centimeters, consisting of a head and a dress in the form of a glove. The head has a special hole for the index and middle fingers, and the thumb and little finger are used for gesturing with the doll's hands. Making the dolls move believably and behave in accordance with the plot of a fairy tale is difficult, but interesting and rewarding. Such a game requires precision of movements, flexibility of fingers, concentration of attention, while leaving room for independent fantasy. Conducting a theatrical performance will allow the child to quickly master the world around him, learn words, and make him keen on theater and culture. Also, the direct participation of children in the theatrical performance contributes to the development of gross and fine motor skills. Glove toys meet all safety requirements, do not contain substances harmful to health. Made in accordance with the requirements of DSTU, EN. Be creative, invent your own stories of fairy tales!
USD 8.46/pcs 8.46
Taking part in the production of the well-known fairy tale "Ryaba Chicken", you will be able to look at what is happening through the eyes of the heroes themselves and will definitely discover something new for yourself that you have not paid attention to before. The fairy tale in your performance will once again remind the audience that they should not be upset over trifles. Home puppet theater "Chicken Ryaba" in itself: - number of dolls: 4 (grandfather, grandmother, Ryaba chicken and mouse) size - 25x18 cm; - requisites: golden egg, simple egg; - script. The theater meets all safety requirements, does not contain substances harmful to health. Made in accordance with the requirements of DSTU, EN. Dolls of this series are made on equipment that allows you to convey the smallest details.
USD 6.28/m2 6.28
Wooden crib for dolls "Katyusha" is sold unassembled and consists of 6 separate parts for assembly. This is a simple 3-D construction set that is easy to assemble even for a child. In the manufacture of toy furniture, the highest quality plywood with a thickness of 6 millimeters (back) and sides of the bed made of solid natural wood were used. Wooden bed for dolls "Katyusha" is perfectly combined with the sets of wooden furniture "Living room" (art.01877) and "Dining room" (art.01876) and also suggests the possibility of changing the design using stickers, wood burning, safe dyes or their combination. The optimal size of a doll for this bed is from 30 to 40 centimeters. Assembled bed size: 44x24x24cm Composition: - bed backs - 2 pcs.; - cot sides - 4 pcs.; - fabric sides - 1 pc .; - screws - 8 pcs .; - a set of bed linen (pillow - 1 pc., sheet - 1 pc.) - instruction.
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Березники, Russia
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Чаще всего в русских народных сказках волк🐺 - это негативный персонаж😡. Он сильный и опасный хищник, но в то же время это наивный и не отличающийся особым умом герой. ⠀ Одна из самых знаменитых сказок про волка - сказка "Волк и семеро козлят". В этой сказке волк жесток и беспощаден, ради своей добычи он способен обмануть маленьких козлят🐐, которые остались одни дома🏡. В "Сказке о лисице и волке" волк предстает перед читателями немного в другом образе - глупым и наивным зверем, которого легко провести. Глупость волка так же описана в сказке "Как лиса🦊 шила волку🐺 шубу". ⠀ ☝Итак, из рассмотренных выше сказок можно сделать вывод, что волк нередко глуп, но это не основная его черта. Он жесток, свиреп, зол, жаден - вот основные его качества. Но такие качества никогда не поощряются в сказках, поэтому волк всегда получает по заслугам. ⠀ Данный персонаж входит в набор из 20-ти кукол-перчаток🐭🐰🐷🐸. С их помощью вы сможете показать в домашних условиях самые популярные и любимые народные сказки🎭. Куклы выполнены из качественного трикотажа ✂️🏮и флисового подклада👍. ⠀ 👉Стоимость большого набора-8000 рублей. 👉Стоимость одной куклы- 500 рублей.

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