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All Fabrics and Accessories suppliers from Moldova

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Table linen, kitchen and banquet tablecloths, interior and substitute napkins, naperons, stand-up skirts, muleton, chair covers
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We produce products from 100% cotton. We produce from fabrics: calico, poplin, ranfors, crepe, percale, smooth and striped satin, flannel, jacquard, diagonals, curtain group, fabrics for workwear, tablecloths, towels and large sewing production, where high-quality bedding is sewn for home , hotel textiles: bedding and accessories, tablecloths, kitchen and banquet tablecloths, interior and replacement napkins, naperons, buffet skirts, muleton, chair covers, kitchen towels, hand towels, waffle and terry bath towels. We work under the order. Minimum quantity: for stern and bleached fabrics - 1000 m.p., for dyed fabrics - from 2000 m.p. The working conditions are as follows: you fill out an application for production, where you give the physicomechanical parameters of the fabric you need (Name of fabric, Number of meters, Width, Color, Weight g / m2, Number of threads per 10 cm). We calculate the cost of your order, draw up a commercial offer for you, and if the order is confirmed, we produce the fabric you need . By payment: 50% after signing the contract, 50%   - 5 days before shipment. You will be notified about the date of the readiness of the goods 10 days before placing your order at the warehouse. By terms of production: from 30 to 45 days after receiving the advance payment.

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