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All Fabrics and Accessories suppliers from Russia

USD 2.13 - 3.81/Ton
Nonwovens supply: SPANBOND, SMS, MELTBLOUNE. Canvas width from 1.6m to 6m. Material density from 20g / m2 to 200g / m2. Various material colors available for delivery. Materials can be used in agricultural, for construction and medical purposes.
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Digging supplies cotton from Tajikistan. Packing: 15-30 kg. Volume: 1000 tons per month. Payment: Letter of credit or prepayment. Prices: We discuss depending on the volume. Delivery: We discuss depending on the volume. We are considering various options for cooperation. This can be either a one-time delivery or a long-term contract.
USD 20.9 - 605.0/pcs
Knitted button: 9.5mm 7.8mm 11.5
USD 0.84 - 0.96/pcs
40/2 Sewing thread (polyester) / 4500 yards 50/2 Sewing thread (polyester) / 4500 yards
USD 3.06 - 8.08/m
Muslin is a rather thin matter, which is obtained from twisted fibers.
USD 2.7 - 3.9/m
Fabric made from natural cotton fibers.
USD 22.87/pcs 22.87
Fabric: Oxford 240D, 100% PE, PU 2000 Insulation: Sintepon 300 gr.m2 Lining: Fleece Size range: 44-62 Height: from 170-176 to 182-188
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Wholesale company PROTECT-SYSTEM is the largest official representative in Russia of the Italian factory for door handles "COLOMBO design", the only main representative for door handles of the Portuguese factory "TUPAI." Also Italian Buanelli pens. Official representatives of the AGB factory since January 2019, as well as official representatives of the Bonaiti factory. Presented is the production of automatic Italian doorsteps "Comaglio." Cylinders "Cortellezzi." As well as accessories "Protect."
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USD 1.83/kg 1.83
шерсть овечья полугрубая чесанная светло-коричневая цена 120р/кг без НДС с доставкой шерсть овечья полугрубая чесанная белая цена 150р/кг без НДС с доставкой Только опт

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