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USD 2.56/pcs 2.56
The bird feeder is the simplest of the Tenth Kingdom line of bird feeders. Consists of only 4 parts; during assembly, no tools are required to adjust and tighten screws and screws. Designed for small birds - sparrows, titmice, bullfinches, etc. The feeder is assembled in 5 minutes. The assembly order is shown on the back of the box: 1. Connect the bottom and the first side panel using the grooves so that the cord hole is at the top. 2. Connect the second side panel using the grooves to the bottom and the first side panel. 3. Pass the textile cord through the holes in the side walls and tie. On the lower part there are 10 mm high side bumpers to prevent feed spillage. The assembled feeder can be easily hung anywhere. Dimensions: - height - 155 mm; - width - 170 mm; - depth - 170 mm. Composition: - textile cord - 1 piece; - side walls (170x170 mm) - 2 pcs; - bottom (170x170 mm) - 1 pc. Certified plywood with a thickness of 3.2 mm was used in the manufacture. The toy is intended for children over 6 years old.
Контекс Мебель
Краснодар, Russia
USD 50.3 - 53.05/pcs
- Удобный пластиковый стул на металлокаркасе; - Подходит для дома, лоджии, сада, а также для кафе, баров и ресторанов; - Оптимален с точки зрения цена/дизайн/качество; - Надежен и легок в уходе; - Сидение выполнено из полипропилена; - Размеры сиденья: 460х530х430 мм; - Высота спинки: 430 мм; - Толщина сиденья: 7 мм; - Расстояние от пола до сидения: 450 мм
Контекс Мебель
Краснодар, Russia
USD 66.31 - 69.36/pcs
- Convenient, bar plastic chair on a metal frame; - Suitable for home, loggia, garden, as well as for cafes, bars and restaurants; - Optimal in terms of price / design / quality; - Reliable and easy to clean; - The seat is made of polypropylene; - Product size, mm: 625x600x1200
Екатеринбург, Russia
USD 83.84/pcs 83.84

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