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All Radio-controlled Toys suppliers from Russia

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Ульяновск, Russia
USD 119.21 - 130.79/pcs
USD 17.53 - 21.04/pcs
С неуловимыми роботами трансформерами ребёнок утолит жажду скорости. Роботы выполнены в форме современных спорткаров, они мгновенно разгоняются, движутся в любом направлении и освещают свой путь фарами. Модели оснащены интеллектуальной радиоуправляемой системой, воспроизводят встроенные композиции, а при нажатии кнопки на пульте незамедлительно трансформируются в непобедимых титанов. Метериал — пластик, металл Вес — 1100 г Размер — 35 * 13.5 * 8.5см Дополнительный функции- озвучка + свечение Питание- от аккумулятора Пульт работает на двух пальчиковых батарейках Тип механизма: радиоуправление.
USD 7.42/m2 7.42
This educational game will introduce children to animals and plants. Players will learn how baby animals and their homes look, in which animals males differ in appearance from females, learn to recognize trees, shrubs and agricultural plants. The game expands horizons, increases vocabulary, develops memory, voluntary attention and logical thinking. Thanks to the electronic control system, the child can play independently without resorting to the constant help of an adult. The game is designed for 1-2 participants and is intended for children aged 5 to 9 years. A series of electric quizzes "We must think!" created for the training and development of children of preschool and primary school age. The series includes games on topics necessary to prepare for school and succeed in school. The fields of all games in the series are suitable for the electronic self-test system "We must think!" The composition of the game: 1. Playing fields - 8 pcs. 2. Electronic system for self-testing - 1 pc. 3. Game rules - 1 pc. Game development: Olesya Emelyanova

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