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All Stationery and school supplies suppliers from Uzbekistan

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All of our office and photocopy doors are AVAILABLE
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The original calendar of the house is in demand seasonally, from November to March of the next year. Seasonal sales in the city with a population of 3 million - 50 000 pcs. Every year - a new design, design is also possible according to your technical specifications. assignment. Order best for a month before the start of the season. In the calendar block 13 p. (Printing on both sides) Attached mini postcard on ribbon size 150 mm * 100 mm 140 mm (height) Inside a set of small stationery, candy and many other objects of gift is perfectly placed. Cardboard base thickness 1.5 mm The surface is covered with a lamination film. At your request, you can add options (embossed \ selective UV varnishing)
Ташкент, Uzbekistan
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High quality ball pens, organizers, rulers, pencil sharpeners and other staionery products made of plastics.

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