Calendar house (functional calendar)
Calendar house (functional calendar)
Calendar house (functional calendar)
Product description
The original calendar of the house is in demand seasonally, from November to March of the next year. Seasonal sales in the city with a population of 3 million - 50 000 pcs. Every year - a new design, design is also possible according to your technical specifications. assignment. Order best for a month before the start of the season. In the calendar block 13 p. (Printing on both sides) Attached mini postcard on ribbon size 150 mm * 100 mm 140 mm (height) Inside a set of small stationery, candy and many other objects of gift is perfectly placed. Cardboard base thickness 1.5 mm The surface is covered with a lamination film. At your request, you can add options (embossed \ selective UV varnishing)
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Calendar house (functional calendar) - 39643

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