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Mir Skazok
USD 6478.0/pcs 6478.0
New Year's costume of the Snow Maiden from the World of Fairy Tales brand. Handmade. The package includes: dress, kokoshnik, bow.
Mir Skazok
USD 169.0/pcs 169.0
New Year's Santa Claus costume wholesale. Decorated in deep blue. In a set: - a fur coat - a shirt - a hat - mittens - a bag - a belt.
USD 0.32 - 0.36/pcs
Tulips wholesale from the manufacturer! We accept pre-orders for the supply of tulips in bulk by March 8, 2022! From 250,000 pieces - 29 rubles / piece From 100,000 to 250,000 pieces - 30 rubles / piece From 30,000 to 100,000 pieces - 31 rubles / piece From 10 000 to 30 000 pcs - 32 rubles / pc. From 4000 to 10 000 pcs - 33 rubles / pc. The closer to March, the higher the prices! MAIL! Three arguments to order tulips from us: ✔ Premium flowers, grown from 12 + / 14 + Dutch bulbs, length from 50 cm, strong stem and bud 6-8 cm, not peas! ✔ We have our own greenhouses in the Leningrad Region and the Moscow Region, we have been forcing for the third year already. This allows us to offer the best prices and the highest quality! ✔ We draw up an official delivery contract, we prescribe all the conditions (volume, varieties, packaging, etc.)! THE PRICE INCLUDES: ✔ Reliable packaging that protects flowers from deformation, sun, hypothermia ✔ High-quality and fast delivery at a time convenient for you ✔ Inspection of the quality of flowers, with a photo report on request ✔ Providing all necessary documents for delivery ✔ Payment by non-cash (without VAT) method
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Calendar of birthdays of family, friends and loved ones. We realized that our calendars do not leave you indifferent and improved them. With this unique calendar, you will not miss family birthdays, it will become your indispensable assistant, which will remind you of all birthdays and important events. Our calendar is an excellent, versatile, original handmade gift. Thanks to conditional formatting, you get birthday reminders. The perpetual calendar is made of natural birch plywood 3 mm thick with laser engraving, polishing and rounding. There are two holes on the top for hanging on a wall or other surface. You can find additional slots for the calendar in our store
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A set of bottoms for knitting baskets from knitted yarn. The set consists of 5 pairs of different sizes. The set of knitting bottoms is made of high quality materials such as domestic birch plywood. Significant advantages of hard bottoms: 1. Speed ​​up the knitting process. 2. Reduce yarn consumption. 3. The product is smoother and keeps its shape. 4. Add strength to work and increase service life. The thickness of the material is 3 mm, which provides the necessary rigidity of the structure and at the same time does not make it heavier. Carved bottoms are popular and give the product an aesthetic appearance, creating a pleasant tactile sensation when working. Hole diameter suitable for any knitting yarn. Products can be used both as bottoms and as lids.
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Gift box Tank for beer original gift for a man: February 23, a birthday present for a man, a gift for the new year. This minibar for drinks for a gift to a man holds three standard cans of beer or other soft drink with a volume of 0.5 liters. The turret of the tank can accommodate various snacks, sweets, socks or other small gift for a man. The size of this compartment is 9x7 cm. The gift box "Tank for beer on February 23" is delivered disassembled, it is easy to assemble it according to the instructions. The jar tank is made of 3 mm sanded plywood, all parts are fixed tightly and without glue to each other. The size of the wooden tank is 25x16x12 cm. On February 23, any man will like a gift in such a gift box: husband, father, son, grandfather, colleague. A creative gift can also be colored together with the child and given to dad or grandfather on February 23rd or as a birthday present or as a New Year's gift.
LLC "Style"
Москва, Russia
USD 6.67/pcs 6.67
Sets of designer socks in craft tubes Dzen and Smile will not leave anyone indifferent!;) Unusual design, creative prints, soft comfortable socks made of combed cotton + cardboard tube = a great option for a fun and useful presentation for an event and just for no reason. The packaging is multifunctional and can be reused for storing useful little things. Sock height - from medium to high (at the request of the client) Composition: 80% combed cotton, 15% polyamide, 5% Elastane Sizes: 23-25, 25-27, 29-31 Palette assortment The final price for a specific batch of socks is discussed individually. Volume discounts Delivery within Moscow and the Moscow region - free Delivery to the shopping center - free of charge.
USD 3.6/pcs 3.6
Lesovushka brand bath mat is filled with eco-shavings of aspen with the addition of fir needles. A fragrant bath and sauna canopy seat can be used in many ways, both as an aroma pillow and enjoy a special aroma, and a park mat, brewed in a small amount of hot water, and then poured over cold. Your body will receive healing substances through the pores of the skin and heal. The resulting broth can be used to create a fragrant steam that purifies the air and destroys pathogenic microbes. Massage bath mats for men and women help relieve accumulated stress, improve blood circulation, increase body resistance colds. The bath bed is not made of hay, it can be rolled up and put under the neck or under the lower back to relax the body. The cover for a small mattress is made of 100% cotton calico. , on an armchair in the living room, bedroom, nursery, home. Lesovushka brand bath accessories for relaxation are a wonderful gift for any holiday for the whole family.
USD 1.09/pcs 1.09
Toys are popular toys that evoke positive emotions in children, and also attract the eyes of buyers with their brightness.
Berkeley, United States of America
USD 1.0/pcs 1.0
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USD 6890.0/pcs 6890.0
Stack "Antique" is made of natural Baltic amber and white jewelry bronze. Stack height 7 cm, diameter 5 cm, volume 50 ml. Shipped in a presentable gift box, which is included in the price of the product. The shade of amber may differ from that shown in the photo.
USD 11930.0/pcs 11930.0
Souvenir card holder "Kremlin" is made of natural Baltic amber and white jewelry bronze. Product size 90*70*120. Shipped in a presentable gift box, which is included in the price of the product.
USD 16070.0/pcs 16070.0
Box "Paradise Apple" Composition: natural Baltic amber, white jewelry bronze. Height 10.5 cm, diameter 8 cm. The shade of amber may differ from that shown in the photo. Supplied in a presentable gift box, which is included in the price of the product.
Safety Vendors Trade
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 13.48/pcs 13.48
New Year's waterfalls in stock in Almaty, sending to regions and foreign countries Leave an application, we have different sizes, modes, colors
IP Aisara
Almaty, Kazakhstan
USD 15.0/pcs 15.0
Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree! They will perfectly decorate your holiday. Not beating. Plastic. Many varieties with beautiful New Year characters, decorate your holiday.
IP Aisara
Almaty, Kazakhstan
USD 5.0/pcs 5.0
Great gift for the new year socks 3 pcs. in a set in a tin box to colleagues, relatives and friends
USD 1.42/pcs 1.42
The figurine in the form of a rabbit is perfect for a gift for the New Year, because. is a symbol of the coming year. Also, such a figure can be presented for a birthday or other holiday. Great for selling on marketplaces. It is possible to manufacture in the form of a candle.
USD 1.63/pcs 1.63
Includes 3pcs. Wooden candlesticks. The candlestick is ideal as a gift for any occasion: New Year / Birthday / Christmas / Housewarming / Name day / Wedding, etc. You can also use it to decorate the Apartment / Bedroom / Room / Office / Bath. Candlesticks will help create a romantic atmosphere. Any tea candle with a 3.8-3.9 cm sleeve is suitable. Give yourself / relatives / friends. High quality handmade product made of natural wood. Usage options: Candle holder / Candle holder / Table candle holder / Shelf candle holder / Gift for home / For decoration / Gift for mom / For grandmother / Birthday gift / Interior decoration / New Year gift.
Specify the price USD
Postcards and other souvenirs made of natural wood
Specify the price USD
Special design fridge magnet sets. Plywood 3 mm
Specify the price USD
A set of personalized rulers made of 3 mm plywood in a set of 3 different rulers. We make any names
Specify the price USD
It's time to create a New Year's mood with the whole family! Our set of handmade Christmas wooden decorations with the symbol of the New Year will perfectly help with this. Toys can be painted, decorated, great for decoupage, and as a result, you get an exclusive commemorative toy! An original gift for the New Year, can be used as a Christmas decoration or a blank for children's creativity. The set contains 27 natural birch toys sized 40 mm.
USD 7.08 - 8.5/pcs
Soft toy dove Natasha. Filling - holofiber (artificial fluff) Top - artificial suede Dimensions 1/1 of a real bird. Very delicate and soft to the touch. Instantly restores shape after pressing. Great for a birthday present, a gift for a friend, Natasha can be placed under the windshield of your car and collect the quivering glances of passers-by. The product is certified. Wholesale deliveries are possible on a regular basis. Pigeons retail - 780opt from 10 pcs -690opt from 40 pcs 650
USD 11.88/pcs 11.88
Type: tabletopSize (length): 30 cmDiameter: 20 cmMaterial: shock-resistant plasticProducer: RussiaPackaging: yesIncludes: 25 colored balls, diameter 5 cm The drum for the draw has a diameter of 20 cm and a length of 30 cm, made of plastic 2 mm thick. The lottery drum is equipped with 25 multi-colored balls with a diameter of 50 mm. The model is compact, durable and highly durable.
USD 27.51 - 61.14/pcs
Battery of fireworks (Fireworks / fireworks) "Sea Wolf" 64 volleys 0.8 "caliber (20 mm). All products are certified. More products on our website. The cost depends on the purchase amount.
USD 21.43 - 47.63/pcs
Battery of fireworks (Fireworks / fireworks) "Hottabych" 36 volleys 1 "caliber (25 mm). All products are certified. More products on our website. The cost depends on the purchase amount.
USD 25.65 - 57.0/pcs
Battery of salutes (Fireworks / fireworks) "Yin Yang" 30 volleys Fan. Various sizes. All products are certified. The cost depends on the purchase amount.
USD 7.08/pcs 7.08
LLC "R&D-TRADE;" Official distributor of Christmas garlands. At the moment, we can offer 2 types of garlands in bulk, 💥💥💥 - certification and white customs: 💥- 3x3 meters warm white rain ☀️ cold white - 8 modes, you can connect several garlands together. 🎊 300 diodes. Price RUB 645 VAT included. 💥- 3x1.5 meter figures (stars, trees, deer, bell). warm white☀️ - 8 modes, you can connect several garlands. 🎊 126 diodes. Price RUB 650 VAT included. Payment on account. Minimum order 300 pcs. They will be available for shipment by the end of October. From Moscow. Write to the mail to make an order
Specify the price USD 0 0
Playful reborn Maria is an exact copy of a real newborn baby. Height 43 cm, weight 995 g. Made of high quality premium vinyl Soft-touch. The body is completely vinyl, with sexual characteristics, taking into account children's physiological characteristics: all the folds on the arms and legs are worked out in detail, small fingers with a nail plate, legs are bent at the knees, the color of the vinyl is similar to the natural skin color. face: shiny blue eyes with fluffy eyelashes, round cheeks with a blush, snub nose, pale pink open mouth. Maria is dressed in a beautiful summer dress with ruffles and the same cap. Includes a pacifier with a holder in the form of a bear and a blanket. ASI gift box. All ASI products are made in Spain, in accordance with all European and Russian quality standards. Phthalate free!
Specify the price USD
PROMOTION !!! 2 for the price of 1 !! The phone stand / holder is made of 3mm birch plywood, impregnated with a special mocha-colored product. Convenient, versatile stand is useful at home, in the office, while traveling. A great gift for friends and family. Hurry up, the quantity is limited!
Specify the price USD
Gift cigar case made of wood. Will save the user from unpleasant inscriptions on cigarette packs. It can be a home basic cigarette case for storing cigarettes or rolls and lighters. Will be a useful present. The recipient of the gift will use these accessories every day and remember the donor with gratitude. Holds 20 standard cigarettes. Can be used for thin cigarettes in larger quantities, but in standard lengths. Gift for a man. Gift for a woman. A gift to my husband. A gift to my wife. ATTENTION the quantity of goods is limited!
Specify the price USD 0 0
Each of us dreams of feeling like a child at least for a while. So the bull is no exception. Catching sugar stars with his tongue, he dreams of a miracle that will surely happen to him! Join the fairy tale with the "Goby and the Stars" puzzle. And don't forget that the 3D figurine is hiding inside!
Specify the price USD 0 0
Another mysterious stranger hiding under an umbrella from the cold autumn rain. Who is she? An ordinary passer-by or a mystical creature ready to tell his main secret? Solve the mystery by solving a puzzle with a 3D figure from "Vasya, Buy!"
Specify the price USD 0 0
Souvenir made of natural Ural ornamental stone selenite, drawing - hand-painted with acrylic paints, covered with protective varnish for greater durability and safety. Selenite is a soft, kind, family stone. The selenite figurine has mystery and magic, it is a symbol of tenderness, sophistication, dreaminess. It is called the moonstone, as it is remarkably similar to the moon. The radiance of selenite, the play of light are simply incomparable.
USD 2.92/pcs 2.92
An entertaining guessing board game for the Tarantinki company is very simple and fun, but nevertheless it requires all the participants in the game to be quick-witted and to be able to think logically in a short period of time. The composition of the game: - tiaras-holders - 8 pcs; - cards with pictures - 36 pcs; - hourglass - 1 piece; - hat elastic - 2.5 m. Preparing for the game: Before starting the first game, cut the supplied elastic into 8 pieces, approximately 30 cm each. The ends of each elastic should be tied to the holes in the tiaras-holders, trying to do this carefully and economically. Now they will keep well on the heads of even the most active and restless players. For the play of young children, a presenter is desirable - an adult or an older child. Older children can play without a leader. The players put on the tiara-holders on their heads, the presenter explains the rules, sets the order of the move, shuffles the cards and attaches the card he received to each player in the tiara-holder. The remaining cards are placed in a pile, face down, in the center of the table. Rules of the game: The players sit in a circle and the game begins. The next player turns over the hourglass and begins to ask questions to all other players or to any specific player, trying to identify himself (guess who or what is depicted on his card). Players are required to answer his questions quickly, clearly and truthfully. If the player manages to guess what is depicted on his card, he takes it for himself. Then he chooses and attaches on his head the next card from those lying in the center of the table. The game continues while the sand is pouring in. The move ends with the sand in the upper half of the clock. The next player in turn begins his turn by flipping the clock. If during a move it was not possible to guess the card, the player continues to try in his next moves. If the card is not guessed in any way, you can change it to another, but not very often. For example, every two moves. The winner is the player who has collected the most cards. Our game is designed for children from 7 years old. But it can also be played by older children, teenagers or adults. To make the game even more interesting, you can create and draw your own cards by cutting them out of cardboard or standard note paper. Or you can just write the prepared words on sheets of paper. Happy pastime to you!
USD 5.78/pcs 5.78
Souvenir Elephant Big. The material is ceramics. Hand painted Height - 12 cm Width - 17 cm
USD 1.53/pcs 1.53
Gift cards, "Filotimo", a gift for any reason, no statute of limitations.
USD 272.47/pcs 272.47
wholesale sale of pyrotechnics. Discounts are available, the first application with 100% prepayment.
USD 5.89 - 7.63/pcs
Soft toy hamster pillow with a blanket 3 in 1 wholesale! Hamster 45cm Plaid 1.7x1 m Quality toys, no marriage! We work with nat. and legal. faces! Sending all over Russia, there is a fast and inexpensive courier delivery! We can send to CIS countries Check the current price list!
USD 90.0 - 800.0/pcs
Delicious marmalade in bright packaging is a great gift Variety of choice and taste

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