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All Sugar suppliers from Uzbekistan

Ташкент, Uzbekistan
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The manufacturing enterprise offers for export products from a warehouse in Tashkent - Fruit sugar. The minimum shipment consignment is a 20-foot container with a capacity of 66,000 packages. Product name Gr. Cost ($) Packing shelf life: 1 Colored sugar with raspberry flavor 300 gr. $ 2.8 DOYPACK 18 months 2 Colored sugar with black currant flavor 300 gr. $ 2.8 DOYPACK 18 months 3 Colored sugar with melon flavor 300 gr. $ 2.8 DOYPACK 18 months 4 Colored sugar with cherry flavor 300 gr. 2.8 $ DOYPACK 18 months 5 Colored sugar with chocolate flavor 300 gr. 2.8 $ DOYPACK 18 months Please contact us by email. Other information is available on the resource
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Fruit and berry "Rainbow" are small crystals in the form of sugar prepared according to the technology of Eastern NAVAT sweets. And this is not all - now besides being convenient to lay in portions with a spoon - crystalline sugar - NAVAT with the tastes of fruits and berries. Save on many products using RAINBOW flavors. Do: hot fruit teas, Aisti, compotes, soft drinks, creams, yogurts, smoothies, cottage cheese and much more with the flavors of summer. It is very convenient and economical in both finance and time. Uzbekistan prepayment. as well as for legal entities, we have the opportunity to add the contacts of your company as our representative or customer on the back of the package.

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