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USD 0.28/Ton 0.28
Good day. We sell GOST sugar. Packing in bags of 50 kg, delivery is available. The price for today is 20 rubles / kg with VAT. We work from 15 tons. We provide certificates, test reports, declarations and commercial offer We look forward to collaborating.
USD 0.56 - 0.62/pcs
❗️   SUGAR   ❗️   Good afternoon. We sell GOST sugar. Packing in bags of 50 kg, there is a delivery and pickup is also possible. Shipment from Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Zainsk.   Today's price is 21.60 rubles / kg without VAT, 23.90 rubles / kg with VAT. We work from 500 tons.   We provide certificates, test reports, declarations and commercial offer after receiving an official request from the buyer.   If you are interested, write! We look forward to collaborating.
USD 3.85/pcs 3.85
Now about the bitter aftertaste of stevioside, which many consumers complained about, you can forget. Stevioside "CRYSTAL" was created using a unique technology, which provides for the enzymatic treatment of stevia extract by intermolecular trans - glycosation. This technology, unlike chemical processing, makes it possible to produce high-quality sweetener with guaranteed biological safety. Crystal stevioside in terms of sweetness exceeds the sweetness of ordinary sugar by 100-150 times. And the calorie content is practically equal to zero. These properties provide an excellent opportunity to use it as a natural sweetener, to reduce the calorie content of daily nutrition, in various diets for weight loss. Stevioside is recommended when choosing a sugar substitute for patients with diabetes mellitus, since during the assimilation of it in the body there is no additional secretion of insulin. With prolonged use of stevioside, in most cases there is a gradual correction of the level of glucose in the blood towards a decrease. It is recommended for purchase by supporters of a healthy lifestyle, those who follow their figure and limit calorie intake.
USD 0.87/pcs 0.87
Stevia sugar substitute leaves. Grown in Paraguay. It is perfectly soluble in liquids, added to any drinks. For those who want to lose weight and not eat excess sugar. Packaging for 50 grams. Energy value per 100 g of product: Carbohydrates: 0 Fats: 0 Calories: 18 Glycemic index: 0 In a phyto-mixture package - 50 gr. dried leaves collected in the most favorable period for the plant. They have the highest content of substances that give the drink a sweetness - diterpen glycosides. These are non-carbohydrate compounds, so herbal tea does not cause changes in glucose levels and is allowed in diabetes. With high sweetness, the drink has a glycemic index of zero. The calorie content of stevia leaves is 18 kcal per 100 g., And a glass of liquid requires only 1/3 of a teaspoon. Therefore, the drink is perfect for those who control body weight or want to lose weight.
USD 2.22/pcs 2.22
Stevia tablets are made from high quality stevia extract - Rebaudiazid A 97. Thanks to this, the tablets do not have a bitter aftertaste. They dissolve easily in both hot and cold liquids. For sweetness, one tablet corresponds to one teaspoon of sugar. It is safe for diabetics, since the assimilation of the Stevia extract by the body does not require additional insulin secretion. It is recommended to use for people who monitor their weight and control the calorie content of their diet. Stevia in tablets is an ideal sweetener with many beneficial properties. Stevia is rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal for dietary and diabetic nutrition.
USD 1.75/pcs 1.75
Safe for diabetics. Recommended for people who control body weight and those who want to reduce their sugar intake. Stevia in tablets is an ideal sweetener with many beneficial properties. Stevia is rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal for dietary and diabetic nutrition. Amount of packaging 100 pcs. Form of release of a tablet weighing 60 mg in a container of 100 pieces. Field of application as a sweetener for making tea, coffee and other hot or cold drinks. Taste differences. Stevia tablets do not have a bitter aftertaste. Dosage and administration 2 tablets per 200 g. liquids Product characteristics Easily soluble in hot or cold liquids Active components Stevia extract Rebaudioside A 97% Glycemic fat index 0% Carbohydrates 0% Calories 0% Energy value 0 kcal per 100 g Type for sugar enitel
Краснодар, Russia
USD 468.64 - 497.04/Ton
Good day! The company is ready to offer you sugar: GOST 33222-2015 at a price of 35.00 rubles. with VAT directly from manufacturers: Krasnodar region, Voronezh region, Ulyanovsk. We work directly from the manufacturer The minimum volume of 20 tons. We work ONLY as follows: - fill out the official application with the company details! -on further we send the contract for signing! - we bill for payment !!! After paying the invoice, you receive all the shipping documents for shipment of the consignment. The price varies depending on the declared volume. Non-cash form of payment, 100% prepayment !! If you are interested in our offer! Please download the order form! and send to our email address: WE WORK ONLY THROUGH THE CONTRACT!

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