Stevia tablets 100 pcs
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Safe for diabetics. Recommended for people who control body weight and those who want to reduce their sugar intake. Stevia in tablets is an ideal sweetener with many beneficial properties. Stevia is rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal for dietary and diabetic nutrition. Amount of packaging 100 pcs. Form of release of a tablet weighing 60 mg in a container of 100 pieces. Field of application as a sweetener for making tea, coffee and other hot or cold drinks. Taste differences. Stevia tablets do not have a bitter aftertaste. Dosage and administration 2 tablets per 200 g. liquids Product characteristics Easily soluble in hot or cold liquids Active components Stevia extract Rebaudioside A 97% Glycemic fat index 0% Carbohydrates 0% Calories 0% Energy value 0 kcal per 100 g Type for sugar enitel
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Stevia tablets 100 pcs - 46751

1.64 USD/pcs 1.64 USD

Minimum order: 24 pcs

Supply ability: 10000 pcs/per month

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