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All Women's suits suppliers from Kazakhstan

Тараз, Kazakhstan
USD 32.44/pcs 32.44
Dimensions: SML XL Colors: black, red, sea wave Fabric: Ribana Fabric Composition: 80% Cotton 20% Elastane Care of the product: delicate - hand wash at a maximum of 30 degrees, do not squeeze the product strongly, iron on the wrong side, wash all products on the wrong side. Wash with liquid powder for colored products, since when washing with dry powders it may lose color and remain white divorces. Style: Minimalism Decorative elements: no elements Type of pocket: without pocket Minimum purchase amount: 150.000 KZT (from $ 400) One model of one color at least 3pcs, any size
Тараз, Kazakhstan
USD 32.68/pcs 32.68
Dimensions: SML XL Colors: white, black, cappuccino, olive Fabric: Knit Fabric Composition: 80% Cotton 20% Elastane Product care: ■ Elongation and elasticity of knitwear is its advantage, but it can also be a disadvantage if improperly maintained. What you need to know so that your favorite knitwear pleases the eye and body for as long as possible? ■ Hand wash, temperature up to 30 degrees ■ Rinse: first in warm water, then in cold water ■ Wash only by hand, coils may appear in the machine if washed with other things and the drum may knock out a shiny dust when drying products ■ Iron mode no more than 60 degrees, on the wrong side ■ Washing and spinning: squeeze and unclench. Do not twist ■ Do not use aggressive deodorants that leave marks on clothing; they strongly damage the fabric in the armpit area ■ All products should be washed from the wrong side Style: casual Decorative Elements: Lurex Pocket Type: No Pockets Minimum purchase amount: 150.000 KZT (from $ 400) One model of one color at least 3pcs, any size
Sewing production "Elena"
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 11.46 - 47.07/pcs
Futer 2 thread. Turkey. Composition 62% cotton, 8% lycra, 30% PE. Colors: black, red, gray melange   Futer 2 thread. Uzbekistan Composition 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra Colors: black, red, gray melange, turquoise, yellow, green, purple

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