films for advertising
films for advertising
films for advertising
films for advertising
films for advertising
films for advertising
Product description
We sell materials for easy installation of advertising, which have unique properties and have recently gained great popularity among well-known trade brands. NOVAfilm ferrofilm is used in conjunction with a magnetic base. The magnetic base is applied to any smooth surface where frequent ad changes are expected. Next, magnetic base magnetised NOVAfilm ferrofilm with printing. It is possible to change the look of the store in seconds with the help of NOVAfilm ferrofilm. You can apply up to five coats of ads about sales and promotions directly on the current design, which undoubtedly attracts the eyes of buyers! NOVAlight silicone film on micro-suction cups - no glue (!) , is an alternative to self-adhesive films. It is used to decorate smooth surfaces where temporary placement of advertising is required, for example - showcases, elevators, columns, etc. The film adheres perfectly to the surface (Warranty - a year!), And subsequently can be easily removed from the surface, leaving no traces and dirt, leaving the surface perfect ... It is used for advertising design of any format: from small stickers to thousands of square meters. Technological features of the materials allow you to: Assembly / disassembly in seconds Re-registration of hundreds of stores in an extremely short time Eliminate damage to property / showcases / columns / elevators, etc. Save budget / time / effort < wbr> lia / nerves Simplify the logistics / algorithm for changing advertising graphics / control and setting tasks for changing advertising
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films for advertising - 2000

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