Kavo Estetica E70 Dental Chair Package
Product description
The Estetica generation takes ergonomics and comfort to a new level.The E70 is based on the revolutionary suspended chair approach, which gives a suprising amount of legroom for both you and your dental team.The dental unit features:- 2x Tubing outlets & LUX coupling 465LRN- 1x KL702 electric micromotor with torque control- Dentist & nurse syringe- Upholstery- Spittoon valve- Kavo LUX 1410C
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Kavo Estetica E70 Dental Chair Package - 52493

9250.0 USD/pcs 9250.0 USD

Minimum order: 1 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per month

Nur Sofyan
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