Single-layer food PVC tube, D from 4mm to 25mm (50,100,200m)
Product description
Transparent PVC tube. Very light and flexible, resistant to ultraviolet rays. The wall is made of soft transparent PVC, the inner and outer surfaces are smooth. Capillary tubes are used when connecting a drainage pump to connect the pump to a water level sensor. They can also be used for pressure-free transportation (by gravity) of liquid and granular substances, including food products. Characteristics: Product material (PVC) Polyvinyl chloride Operating temperature -10 ° С / + 60 ° С Harmful substances (Cd), barium (Ba), lead (Pb) no Color: transparent / colorless Transparent / color possible
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Single-layer food PVC tube, D from 4mm to 25mm (50,100,200m) - 47525

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Supply ability: 12 pcs/per day

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