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Ижевск, Russia
USD 980.79/pcs 980.79
Water treatment, which allows you to effectively influence a large number of different pollutants of artificial and natural origin with simultaneous disinfection of water. The possibilities of the method are quite large, having a number of positive properties. AREAS OF APPLICATION: Drinking water - disinfection, removal of iron, manganese, sulfides, nitrites, COD, pesticides and other contaminants, removal of odor and unpleasant taste; Bottled water, drinks - water treatment, bottle washing, shelf life extension; Process water - disinfection, odor removal, decolorization, COD reduction, contaminant reduction, water recycling, in-place treatment processes; Wastewater - disinfection, reduction of color and turbidity, odor removal, reduction of COD and content of adsorbed organic halogen derivatives, removal of pollutants such as phenols, pesticides, detergents, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons incl. PCDD/F (dioxins/furans), cyanides, sulfides, petrochemicals, etc.; Water in swimming pools - disinfection, elimination of organic contaminants, including chloramines and trihalomethanes; Ballast water - biocidal treatment; Groundwater - removal of pollutants; Cooling towers - biocidal treatment, elimination of bacteria, algae and biofilm; Fish farming (aquaculture) - disinfection, elimination of dissolved organic compounds in water, improvement of water quality.
USD 1.35/Ton 1.35
Fertilizer plant nutrition product organic wermicompost worm fertilizer is completely organic in liquid and solid form, does not damage the plant, provides early harvest opportunity in the product, adds color, odor, aroma, flavor to the products, does not contain chemicals, it does not leave any chemical residue that is a problem in your products.
USD 10.34 - 28.65/pcs
The Sh-62 hose pipe is used for filling and transporting milk, dairy products from vegetable and animal fats. It is made from special food plastic compounds and fully meets all the requirements for products for the food industry. A smooth inner surface provides fluid transport with minimal friction. Resistant to acid-base cleaning solutions. Leaves no aftertaste and odors. Product material (PVC) Polyvinyl chloride Operating temperature -10 ° С / + 60 ° С No harmful substances (Cd), barium (Ba), lead (Pb) Foreign odors and odors are not transmitted
USD 10.89 - 43.58/pcs
Transparent PVC tube. Very light and flexible, resistant to ultraviolet rays. The wall is made of soft transparent PVC, the inner and outer surfaces are smooth. Capillary tubes are used when connecting a drainage pump to connect the pump to a water level sensor. They can also be used for pressure-free transportation (by gravity) of liquid and granular substances, including food products. Characteristics: Product material (PVC) Polyvinyl chloride Operating temperature -10 ° С / + 60 ° С Harmful substances (Cd), barium (Ba), lead (Pb) no Color: transparent / colorless Transparent / color possible
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Rotary compressors and gas blowers are used in aeration systems of fish ponds, potable water storage tanks as well as aeration systems in the sludge pools of treatment facilities, when spraying gardens and crops, in foundries. Aeration is a process of forced saturation of water with air, or oxygen. To ensure this process, a low-pressure compressor or blowers for aeration are used, and its purpose is: Aeration is the process of forced saturation of water with air, or oxygen. To ensure this process, a low-pressure compressor or aeration blowers are used, and its purpose is: Oxidation of iron compounds (water deferrization) and manganese, which consists in the oxidation of iron and manganese compounds with oxygen. As a result, these compounds precipitate in the form of flakes, which are retained by a special filling sediment filter. Removal of dissolved gases, including toxic ones, for example, hydrogen sulfide and methane. Disinfection of water as a result of the destruction of organic substances contained in it, under the influence of oxygen. Removing bio-pollution: when oxygen is saturated with water, the number of beneficial aerobic bacteria that process biomass into carbon dioxide and methane-biogas increases. Now the bio-treatment process is used at all large treatment facilities in Russia. The resulting biogas can also be pumped out of the tanks of treatment plants using blowers for further use, for example, for the production of electricity or fuel for vehicles. However, in Russia this practice is not yet common. Maintaining the pond ecosystem by saturating the water with oxygen. In stagnant water under the influence of sunlight, anaerobic bacteria begin to multiply actively. As a result, the reservoir turns into a muddy swamp with an unpleasant odor. Also, due to insufficient oxygen concentration in the water, pestilence of fish and other beneficial organisms occurs.
USD 54.49 - 75.2/pcs
"ALTAI" is an ozonator with a 36 month warranty. Service life 8-10 years. Has 2in1 technology (ozonizer and ionizer in one housing). Wide range of applications: • Disinfection and deodorization of air in living quarters, change houses, cupboards, refrigerator; • Destruction of cigarette smoke; • Purification of food products (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits); • Improving water quality (disinfection, oxygen enrichment, elimination of chlorine and other harmful impurities); • For the treatment of technological premises, warehouses, cold rooms, technological equipment, destruction of surface mold and dephenolization of premises. OZONE PROPERTIES Removal of microorganisms: • Kills 99.7% of E. coli bacteria and 99.9% of staphylococcus colonies on the surfaces of objects • Destroys spores of brevibacteria Fight against fungi and mold: • Kills 100% of Aspergillus, white mold and fusarium oxysporum fungi Destroys 99% of hepatitis • Kills 99% HBsAg and 100% HAAg • Kills influenza and SARS viruses • Kills polio and rotavirus viruses in water within minutes Fight odors and toxic substances • Decomposes pesticides, hormones and preservatives • Oxidises heavy metals and organic compounds • Eliminates odors.
USD 100.0 - 3000.0/pcs
Promised Land
USD 2.81/kg 2.81
Био Удобрение Активатор+ Расход 20-30 литров на га.
ОсОО "Эко Агро"
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
USD 6.0/Ton 6.0
Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer obtained by deep processing of cattle manure by a population of a technological worm. Vermicompost contains more than 35% humus, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium of biological origin, as well as a complex of essential microelements, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones. Vermicompost is a unique microbiological fertilizer, which is home to a huge number of beneficial soil microorganisms that contribute to soil fertility. The fertilizer is easily assimilated by plants, improving the structure of the soil and its agrochemical characteristics, which in combination significantly affects the yield of crops. Biohumus does not contain pathogenic microflora, eggs of parasites and pests, weed seeds. Sold in 5-liter PET packaging (the price above is indicated for 5 liters) Composition Nitrogen - 1.8% Phosphorus - 2.0% Potassium - 3.3% pH 7.2 - 7.7 Trace elements: SiO2, MgO, Fe2O3, CaO, Na2O, K2O
ОсОО "Эко Агро"
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
USD 5.0/Ton 5.0
Bio Activator is a highly effective environmentally friendly and organic fertilizer based on the processing of organic waste and animal manure. Does not contain helminth eggs and pathogenic microorganisms, reduces nitrates and toxins in fruits. Improves the humus layer, improves aeration, water retention and infiltration capacity of the soil, as well as the rate of cation exchange. Contains vitamins and microelements necessary for plants. It is used as a fertilizer for soil, foliar and root feeding of agricultural crops. Sold in 5 liter PET bottles (price per 5 liters). Submitted 2-3 times per season. It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:20. Composition: Nitrogen - 1.8% Phosphorus - 8.2% Potassium - 9.22%, pH 7.55 Microelements: SiO2, MgO, Fe2O3, CaO, Na2O, K2O
Ташкент, Uzbekistan
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We accept orders for wholesale deliveries from Russia of a coagulant preparation for the purification of low-quality drinking water from harmful impurities of chemical, industrial and domestic origin, including radionuclides and heavy metals, at home, summer cottage or field conditions. Dosage: To purify 4 liters of water of low and medium degree of contamination, 1 ml of the preparation is required. When cleaning highly contaminated water, the dosage can be doubled. The time required for complete water purification is 4 hours and may vary depending on the working capacity (but not less than 2 hours). The volume of the bottle is 25 ml. The cost of one bottle is 800 rubles (in 2017). The minimum shipment is 500 bottles. Information about other products is available on astartrasiris (just google it).
USD 15000.0 - 17250.0/m2
Класс защиты: FFP1D (4ПДК + защита от органических паров низких концентраций + клапан выдоха) ОТЛИЧИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ: • Предназначен для использования при тяжелых условиях труда. • Повышенная степень очистки. • Оснащен клапаном выдоха для большего комфорта и эффективности в течении всей рабочей смены. • Дополнительная защита от раздражающего действия органических паров благодаря угольному фильтру.
USD 15000.0 - 17250.0/m2
Класс защиты: FFP1 (4 ПДК) ОТЛИЧИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ: • Экономичный респиратор для защиты от твердых и жидких аэрозолей. • Изготовлен из специального волокнистого химически активного материала. • Эластичные прочные резинки. • Четыре точки крепления. • Обеспечивает плотное прилегание к лицу. • Отсутствие металлических деталей. • Мягкий гипоаллергенный внутренний слой. • Низкое сопротивление дыханию фильтрующего материала. • Маркировка согласно новому гармонизированному стандарту ГОСТ Р 12.4.191-99, EN149:2001.
USD 15000.0 - 17250.0/m2
Класс защиты: FFP2 (12 ПДК) ОТЛИЧИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКИ: • Экономичный респиратор для защиты от твердых и жидких аэрозолей. • Клапан выдоха для большего комфорта и эффективности в течении всей рабочей смены • Изготовлен из специального волокнистого химически активного материала. • Эластичные прочные резинки. • Четыре точки крепления. • Обеспечивает плотное прилегание к лицу. • Отсутствие металлических деталей. • Мягкий гипоалергенный внутренний слой. • Низкое сопротивление дыханию фильтрующего материала. • Маркировка согласно новому гармонизированному стандарту ГОСТ Р 12.4.191-99, EN149:2001.
USD 0.01 - 108988.76/pcs
The refrigeration unit is a multi-compressor refrigeration unit unit, assembled on a single frame. Compressors, united by a system of common pipelines, an automation and protection system, are controlled by a microprocessor according to a specific algorithm specified by the user. All facilities where there are many consumers of industrial cold, as well as high requirements for the failure-free operation of units, refrigeration central. An example is large and not so supermarkets, distribution refrigerators, various cold consumers with strongly varying heat load. Centralized refrigeration systems for supermarkets do not require intervention in the work of staff, do not create unnecessary noise in the sales area and do not affect the temperature rise in this sales area. In the event of a breakdown and shutdown of one of the compressors, the central continues to run, maintaining the preset temperature. This means there is no need to shut down the entire retail outlet to repair the compressor.
USD 0.01 - 108988.76/pcs
Installation of industrial split systems is advisable at large facilities, as well as where serious requirements are imposed on microclimate parameters. Another advantage is the organization of an air conditioning system with minimal capital costs. Their reasonable cost is explained by the possibility of installing a small amount of HVAC equipment in a fairly large enclosed area. ATTENTION !!! All refrigeration machines are equipped with low and high pressure freon switches * - the package includes a voltage monitor; ** - the package includes a voltage monitor and blocks automatic control of refrigerant condensation pressure, microprocessor controllers EWPC-1000(S ).
USD 1.0 - 10000000.0/pcs
Refrigeration monoblock is a unit designed for insulated cold rooms of small and medium size. We offer a choice of medium temperature and low temperature modification. The monoblock is a compact refrigeration appliance characterized by: optimal design, ease of installation and complete readiness to connect the power supply; easy access to internal elements; convenience and maximum safety in operation. Depending on the required temperature modes distinguish between two types of refrigeration monoblocks for refrigerating chambers, medium and low temperature monoblocks. Medium temperature monoblocks, ie. machines providing the temperature inside the refrigerating chamber in the range from -5 to +10. Most often, medium-temperature monoblocks of this type are used in chambers for storing and cooling flowers, vegetables, dairy products, short-term storage of meat and semi-finished products, etc. For freezing and long-term storage of products, low-temperature monoblocks are used. Monoblocks of this type provide a temperature from -20 to -15 degrees Celsius in the refrigerating chamber. Medium and low-temperature monoblocks also differ in the area of ​​the served refrigerating chamber. Refrigerating monoblocs are not difficult to maintain. Maintenance is carried out quickly and completely safe for the master. You can buy Monoblocks from us at purchase prices from the manufacturer. With delivery and guarantee We work in the CIS and Russia.

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