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Био Активатор

USD 5.0 5.0 USD

Minimum order: 10 Ton

Supply ability: 100 Ton/per month

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Bio Activator is a highly effective environmentally friendly and organic fertilizer based on the processing of organic waste and animal manure. Does not contain helminth eggs and pathogenic microorganisms, reduces nitrates and toxins in fruits. Improves the humus layer, improves aeration, water retention and infiltration capacity of the soil, as well as the rate of cation exchange. Contains vitamins and microelements necessary for plants. It is used as a fertilizer for soil, foliar and root feeding of agricultural crops. Sold in 5 liter PET bottles (price per 5 liters). Submitted 2-3 times per season. It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:20. Composition: Nitrogen - 1.8% Phosphorus - 8.2% Potassium - 9.22%, pH 7.55 Microelements: SiO2, MgO, Fe2O3, CaO, Na2O, K2O
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