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The FLO machine is a heat-shrinkable machine with side seam formation, available at the warehouse in Nizhny Novgorod. It is universal, flexible in operation - it allows you to quickly change from size to size. The machine is automatic, setting is carried out from the control panel. Suitable for both small and medium-sized products and goods. Rearranges the film cut lengthwise. Focused on saving film. Works with polyolefin and polyethylene films. Technical characteristics of the packaging machine Manufacturer - DM Pack (Italy) Packing speed - up to 40 packages per minute Types of film: polyolefin, polyethylene Sealing size - 500x650 mm Maximum product width - 420 mm Maximum product length - 600 mm Maximum product height - up to 200 mm Width films – 650 mm Features of the FLO packaging machine L-shaped sealing bar. The block is lowered in captivity when sealed with the entire surface at the same time (there is no “scissors” effect). The sealing bar is only 10 mm wide and ensures high seam quality and film savings. Sliding doors. Seam centering system in the machine base. Easy cleaning and maintenance, easy change of conveyors. Perforators for piercing film. Touch panel with convenient control program. Roll-out cart for film roll. Sign up for test packaging of your products via messages or by phone number. Automate your packaging workshop today!
USD 1712.8/pcs 1712.8
Offer: Strapping table TP-201 is a reliable semi-automatic strapping machine. • Provides lock-free fastening of polypropylene tape • No need to reconfigure the table when changing the size of the packaged object • Particularly suitable for packing packages, boxes, sacks that are impossible or difficult to tie using hand tools Operating principle: the tape is thrown out to a given length; the item to be packed is placed on the table; the operator manually circles the packaged item with the free end of the tape and inserts it into the receiving hole in the table; The device automatically tensions, welds and cuts the tape. Technical characteristics • Strapping speed 2.5 sec/turn. • Tape width 6…15.5 mm • Mechanical tape tension force control • Tape tension force max 45 kg • Package size: min 120 x 30 mm, max unlimited • Supply voltage 220 V (50 Hz) • Power 200 W • Internal tape reel diameter 200/230/280 mm • Weight 100 kg • Overall dimensions 910 x 582 x 785 mm. Country of origin: Taiwan PS. P/P tape (strapping) strapping 12*0.8mm. blue color, length 1.8 km. It welds well together even at low temperatures, Price = 150,000 rubles, indicated with VAT and loading from a warehouse in Vladivostok. I will be happy to answer your questions. We will assist in shipping to your warehouse. R/S Offer: soldering element for soldering strapping tape to “TR-201”, price = 19,200 rub. We hope for your interest in our offer, we will be very glad to cooperate.
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Automatic quantitative packing scale is designed for quantitative packing, which is divided into double bucket packing scale and single bucket packing scale. Double bucket packing scale adopts integrated design and has correct height, compact structure, efficient energy saving, novel appearance, easy installation and convenient maintenance. The quantitative accuracy of the system is two thousandths. Performance Features: Packing speed is fast. High measurement accuracy. High reliability: the main components of the control system use imported products, and the instrument uses Japanese technology; The mechanical structure is reasonable: the system is maintenance-free and the material is easily adaptable. Good after-sales service: stable technical service staff; 24/7 after-sales service hotline; provide enough spare parts and timely and perfect technical services. The material of the contact part is anti-corrosion material. Working principle The main motor adopts different feed speed: fast, medium, slow and special feed agitate the structure. Advanced digital frequency conversion control technology; sample processing technology; anti-jamming technology; implementation of automatic compensation and correction.
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An additional feeding hopper and dosing band can be integrated into the system. It can be easily programmed with the help of the digital touch screen. It is easy to operate and can be used by anyone. Optionally, an automatic sack sewing unit can be added. You can enter different weighing programs. In 25 kg packaging, 150-200 packages can be made per hour on average. The system can be shipped disassembled. All fasteners are bolted and can be easily fixed. Equipments are produced as corrosion resistant epoxy coating and painted. Stainless chrome material is used in the product contact areas for food products. Equipment and design can be made according to your needs. Organic or chemical Fertilizer Cereal Products Chemical Powders Construction chemicals Food products Powder-Pelet-Granul All Products
Москва, Russia
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Film cutter cold table Pruner It is used for winding stretch film of various goods. The cutter has holes for fastening to the wall, as well as a device for holding it on a horizontal surface Used with standard hand stretch rollers 50 cm Suitable for industrial and home use Characteristics of the Pruner cold table Material - painted steel Length, cm - 64 Depth, cm - 22 Height, cm - 14 Sleeve diameter, mm 50-76 Application - product packaging
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A roller press is equipment that is designed for cutting out any designs of corrugated packaging using flat die-cutting molds for small and medium runs. The punching mold with the workpiece moves from one table of the machine through the shafts to another table, where the workpiece is removed and a new one is placed. Productivity: from 250 to 550 rolls per hour, depending on the size of the workpiece. The cutting shafts of the machine are made of high-quality steel with a uniform polyurethane coating, which can significantly increase their wear resistance. The average service life of the shafts is at least 6 years with a daily load of the machine in 1 work shift.
Москва, Russia
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EXS-303 (2PACK) is a premium semi-automatic strapping machine. Equipped with automatic electronic tension adjustment. The extremely precise electronic adjustment of the strap tension protects the packaged product from damage and guarantees optimally fitting strapping. Robust, reliable and low maintenance thanks to direct drive motor without chain or belt Surprisingly quiet. Equipped with a standard cooling delay. Economical motor, starts only when tape is inserted. EXS-303 is equipped with four swivel wheels with brakes
USD 19000.0/pcs 19000.0
We offer Tea/bulk packaging equipment line Complete set of line: Vertical type range compactor PPK-200 (Propack korea LTD) Filling conveyor (conveyor) 042-16L (Kamal) Four head filling equipment ACZ-A4 (Melchars LTD) Production Multi: Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan
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Where is MECHANICAL SEAL Used? The parts that provide sealing between two machine parts, one of which is movable and the other fixed, are called shaft seal. It is generally used in places such as pumps, taps, shaft bearings. Where are ROTARY HEADS Used? It is used to transfer fluids such as hot water, hot oil, steam etc. to a fixed axis over the rotating drum.
Москва, Russia
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Staple packaging for cardboard, boxes, blister packaging Staple packaging is a reliable, convenient and practical way of joining various materials (corrugated cardboard of any thickness, blister, paper, plastic) using manual and pneumatic tools (stapler, binder) ... Staple type 35 for staplers MA / 15-18, MA / 18-22, HDCS-19/35, ADCSY-19/35, 35/15 35/18 35/22 35/24 Staple type 16, for stationary staplers for stapling cardboard sides 16/10 16/13 16/15 16/18 Staple type 73, for stapling with a stapler HSP-12, Rapid 73/6 73/8 73/10 73/12 Staple type SB 103020, for stapling with SP-50 staplers, OMER, Bostitch P50 SB 3 / 8-10 SB 1 / 2-13 SB 5 / 8-16
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“SA International” - Shanghai Asia International Electrical & Mechanical Co., LTDispart of theSIBC Group, which has been providing equipment and technology selection services in various fields since 2017.   -   Construction.- Road construction.- Metallurgy.- Mining.- Chemical industry.- Production lines for various purposes.   We are trusted by clients in Europe, USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Russia, Thailand. The company " SA International " has an official representative office on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the city of Krasnodar to simplify cooperation, document circulation and customs clearance for our clients. Cooperating with our company, you can be confident not only in the quality of the supplied equipment, but also in the after-sales service.    We provide:   - Machinery and equipment for the construction industry, such as:Asphalt concrete plants / plants (ABZ), concrete mixing plants / plants (BRU / RBU), self-propelled concrete mixers with self-loading function, concrete pumps, lines for the production of tiles and blocks, etc.   - Equipment for mining: crushers, screens, screens, conveyor belts, pumps, etc.   - Alligator scissors and metal presses.   - Cargo and wheeled vehicles: loaders, excavators, bulldozers.   - Storage equipment.   - DES and electric motors.   - Chemical reagents and components.   Also, "SA International" is a manufacturer of conveyor belts.   Over the years of working with factories in China, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner and a center of excellence for quality assessment among our customers. Our managers will conduct a full market assessment, advise you on all emerging issues, provide complete information as soon as possible, and engineers will monitor the entire production process to minimize the percentage of defects and will train your staff.   An additional advantage of working with us will be that the managers of "SA International" know all the logistics processes, offer competitive prices and the shortest delivery times.
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Machinery for the food processing industry for working with meat, fish and other products. Food equipment for hotel and restaurant business and public catering: slicers, sous-vide thermostats, noodle cutters, induction cookers, grills, mixers, etc. Thermoforming equipment and heat shrink devices: tanks (baths), devices for group and unit packaging. Packaging and filling equipment: vacuum sealers, vertical and horizontal Flow-Pack packaging machines, dispensers, bag and tray sealers (traysealers). Spare parts and packaging materials: vacuum bags, sealing trays, films, absorbent wipes, laminated substrates, etc. If you are planning to purchase equipment for food production, contact PROFVACUUM specialists.
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Is specially designed for automation mechanical equipment to adjust speed ,protect and save energy ,can be widely used in food packing machinery, textile machinery, woodworking machinery ,reflow welding lines ,fans, water pumps.
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Hello  its linear weigh filler system  for free flowing materil  can give output speed upto 24 ppm at accuracy of + 2gm ppm   
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As food packaging is packaging company deal in paper container paper bag biodegradable packaging and other paper products of export quality with high end machines. We export to countries like Russia canada South American
Beijing Silk Road
Фергана, Uzbekistan
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We will find machines, equipment, Mini and Large Plants and Factories, bring and install. Quality is our priority
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We are a China hot melt glue machine manufacturer and have been engaged in hot melt glue machine for more than 5 years. Our company supplies various parts for hot melt glue machines, including their spray guns, modules, wire kits, heaters and solenoid valves, etc. We can provide food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and woven fabrics, non-food consumer goods, seeds, cables, book bindings and more. We can provide solutions for cartons, labels, liner nozzles, pallet forming, straws, etc. The hot melt glue machine is widely used in sanitary products such as diapers, sanitary napkins and other hygiene items, and in the production of air filters, non-woven composite materials. , footwear, printing industry, product assembly, clothing, stickers, packaging industry (cartons, cigarette cases, gift boxes, glasses boxes, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, colored boxes, composite covering (label paper, labels, double-sided tape , medical breathable tape), products (household appliances, furniture fittings, wires and cables)
Хабаровск, Russia
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1. DF1600 Electromechanical roll for reels, 1 pc. 2. Vacuum and gimbal corrugated press, 1 pc. 3. The unit of longitudinal and transverse cutting, 1 pc. 4. Semi-automatic 3-color flexo printing line with a slotter and rotor YFQ2200, 1 pc. 5. Rulevochno-cutting machine with thin knives to create the shape of the boxes BFY2000, 1 pc. 6. Semi-automatic laminating machine DZF1300-E, 1 pc. 7. Automatic ribbing and cutting machine, 1 pc. 8. Semi-automatic gluing machine 2600, 1 pc. 8. Glue-spreading machine BJ2000, 1 pc. 10. Semi-automatic machine for gluing boxes ZXJ-2600, 1 pc. 11. Mini-slotter (grate) BL, 1 pc. to be in Khabarovsk
USD 41107.27/pcs 41107.27
Rotary labeling machine 10 local - designed for applying polypropylene circumferential OPP labels from a roll to cylindrical PET bottles. The capacity of the machine for a 1.5L bottle is 8,000 bph. SPECIFICATIONS Automatic speed control: Standard speed mode; Operator adjustable speed mode. Manual bottle height adjustment (there is a possibility of making an automatic bottle height adjustment). Application of glue to bottle and label using a spray system. automatic hot glue dispensing station - HOT MELT from NORDSON Glue supply: Hot glue supply through nozzles using a spray system. Adjusting the temperature of the glue in the barrel and in the spray. Hot glue consumption 1kg / 20-35 thousand labels. System for applying a label to the cylindrical part of the bottle: bottle diameter: 50 - 120mm polypropylene label (35 - 50 microns), circumferential for hot glue. length 70 - 380mm height 50-150mm max roller diameter 600mm productivity for a bottle of 1.5 liters 10000 bph. label feeding on vacuum drum air consumption 35 l / min. (6 bar). frame made of stainless steel KO / Inox. Application of glue to bottle and label using a spray system. automatic hot glue dispensing station - HOT MELT from NORDSON 2 m conveyor belt made of plastic or stainless steel. Electronic controls: Machine speed controller Drive - 2.6kW power with inverter. Touch control panel Machine speed indicator. Product counter Electric cabinet integrated with the machine. Pneumatic system of METAL WORK company. EATON electrical equipment The machine is supplied with equipment for one packaging format. The introduction of bottles from the left or right side is made by agreement.
Умарахунов УР
Жалал-Абад, Kyrgyzstan
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Упаковочный ПЭТ лента. Ширина 16 см Толщина 1 Обмотка рулона 1000м Вес рулона 20-21кг Цвет черный. ПЭТ лента это-современный и практичный упаковочный материал, применяемый во всем мире. Высокая прочность, устойчивость к ударным нагрузкам, агрессивным средам,пластичность и легкость-основные качества этого универсального материала, который используется в различных отраслях промышленности для упаковки металлопроката, металлургического оборудования , стройматериалов, бытовой техники, изделий из древесины, кирпича, хлопковых кип и др. Применяется там, где просто необходима бережная и прочная стяжка с фиксацией продукции для обеспечения безопасной транспортировки или хранения. Основные преимущества ПЭТ ленты; 1. Не облабевает и не вытягивается; 2. Удобство в работе при транспортировке и хранении ( вес лент ПЭТ в 10 раз ниже, чем стальных; отсуствие острых кромок исключает возможность порезов; лента не ржавеет в процессе хранения); 3. Экономичность ( с учетом более высокой устойчивости лент ПЭТ к динамическим нагрузкам стоимость упаковки ими грузов на 20-30% ниже, чем стальными); 4. Сохраняет натяжение даже при крайних значениях температуры от -60 С +90 С ;
USD 106600.0/pcs 106600.0
We offer Injection molding machine of the PD-328-KX series! Profitable! Specifications: • Model: PD-328 • Injection weight, gr: 1159 • Volume of injection, cm3: 1341 • Form stroke, mm: 650 • Distance between columns, mm: 660 * 660 Parameters of the received products (boxes): • Dimensions, mm: 400 * 300 * 180 • Weight, kg: 1.0 • Execution: perforated • Material: polypropylene The price is indicated taking into account delivery to the Russian Federation, at the rate of $ 1 = 67.01 rubles. We deliver to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. We will send a commercial offer upon request. For all questions, write and call - we will be glad to cooperate with you!
USD 10000.0/m2 10000.0
Машина год выпуска - 2004 Технические характеристики: Площадь формования 756х565 мм Ширина ленты 800 мм Усилие вырубки 75 тн Намотчик отходов Более подробно, вы можете узнать у наших специалистов. Наша компания, оказывает полный спектр услуг для Вашего будущего производства. Возможность самостоятельного осмотра оборудования в Европе, таможенное оформление и точенная очистка, доставка оборудования удобным для Покупателя способом. Монтаж, пуско-наладка. при необходимости - замена старого контроллера на новый программируемый контроллер компании Schneider Electric.
Шанхай, China
USD 7993.08 - 17128.03/pcs
The machine is used for packing paper napkins, diapers of various sizes into plastic bags at high speed. Equipped with PLC controller and LCD monitor, which allows for more accurate settings and facilitates monitoring of the equipment.
Шанхай, China
USD 7993.08 - 17128.03/pcs
Станок используется для упаковывания бумажных салфеток, памперсов разных размеров в пластиковую упаковку на высокой скорости. Оборудован PLC контроллером и LCD монитором, что позволяет осуществлять более точную настройку и облегчает контроль за работой оборудования.
USD 84.04/pcs 84.04
Thermo-packing machine Cas CNW460 (shaft length 46 cm) Specifications Manufacturer: CAS Country: Korea (Republic of) Weight without packaging, kg: 6.5 Vendor code: CNW460 Input voltage, V: 220 Package weight, kg: 7 Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 600x460x130 Rated power, kW: 0.17 Product code: n0000034415 Thermo-packing machine Cas CNW460 The maximum length to be sealed is 450mm. Cutting knife width (no more): 460 mm. The equipment is equipped with a built-in thermostat and external roll position. The body is made of stainless steel. Heated surface dimensions (WxD): 129х390 mm, material - Teflon.
USD 187.61/pcs 187.61
Vacuum packaging machine APACH AVM3 (375х297х145 mm, 0.45 kW, 220V) Specifications Manufacturer: APACH Country: Italy Weight without packaging, kg: eight Vendor code: AVM3 Input voltage, V: 220 Package weight, kg: 12 Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 375x297x145 Rated power, kW: 0.45 Vacuum packaging device APACH AVM3 (375x297x145 mm, 0.45 kW, 220V) Installation type: desktop. Productivity is 11 l / min. Plank width: 310 mm. Maximum bag width: 300 mm. Assumes the use of only pressed (corrugated) vacuum bags. The body is made of stainless steel. It is optionally completed with a container and connecting elements, allowing to work with solid and liquid products. It does not have a special filter that protects the pump from moisture.
USD 285.35/pcs 285.35
Tubeless vacuum packaging machine FRESH 33 (390х300х180 mm, 0.96 m3 / h, 0.38 kW, 220V) Specifications Manufacturer: WESTGATE Weight without packaging, kg: 6.5 Vendor code: FRESH 33 Input voltage, V: 220 Package weight, kg: nine Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 390x300x180 Rated power, kW: 0.38 Tubeless vacuum packaging machine FRESH 33 (390х300х180 mm, 0.96 m3 / h, 0.38 kW, 220V) Installation type: desktop. Welding bar: 330mm. The device can work in automatic and manual mode. The kit includes a self-lubricating pump. The body is made of stainless steel.
USD 323.49/pcs 323.49
Vacuum packaging machine APACH AVM4 (472х320х177 mm, 1 kW, 220V) Specifications Manufacturer: APACH Country: Italy Weight without packaging, kg: 13 Vendor code: AVM4 Input voltage, V: 220 Package weight, kg: fifteen Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 472х320х177 Rated power, kW: 1 Vacuum packaging device APACH AVM4 (472х320х177 mm, 1 kW, 220V) Installation type: desktop. Productivity is 30 l / min. Plank width: 420 mm. Maximum bag width: 400 mm. Assumes the use of only pressed (corrugated) vacuum bags. The body is made of stainless steel. Has a special filter that protects the pump from moisture. It is optionally completed with a container and connecting elements, allowing to work with solid and liquid products.
USD 498.08/pcs 498.08
Vacuum packaging machine HURAKAN HKN-VAC260M (495x345x340mm, 6.5 m3 / h, 0.18 kW, 220V) Specifications Manufacturer: HURAKAN Weight without packaging, kg: 37.9 Vendor code: HKN-VAC260M Input voltage, V: 220 Package weight, kg: 46 Dimensions (LxWxH), mm: 495x345x340 Rated power, kW: 0.18 Vacuum packaging machine HURAKAN HKN-VAC260M (495x345x340mm, 6.5 cubic meters / h, 0.18 kW, 220V) Installation type: desktop. Pump power 6.5 cubic meters / hour. Plank width: 260 mm. Seam width: 8mm. Chamber dimensions: 390x320x130 mm. Case material: stainless steel.

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