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Means "DEZOMED-MED" 1000ml, for disinfection of various objects in the field of medicine

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Supply ability: 100000 pcs/per month

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Description of the tool

Means "DEZOMED-Medical" 1000ml, intended for:

  • for disinfection of various objects with infections of bacterial (including tuberculosis, anthrax), fungal (candidiasis) and viral (poliomyelitis, hepatitis of all types) etiology;
  • for disinfection and washing of indoor surfaces, hard and soft furniture, floor carpets, upholstery fabrics, furnishings, surfaces of apparatus, instruments, sanitary equipment, linen, dishes (including laboratory ones), items for washing dishes, rubber mats , cleaning equipment and materials, toys, patient care items, personal hygiene items in health care facilities (including clinical, diagnostic and bacteriological laboratories, neonatology departments, maternity hospitals, newborn wards);
  • for disinfection of medical equipment (including jugs, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, anesthesia equipment, etc.);
  • for disinfection, sterilization, (including combined with pre-sterilization cleaning, including by a mechanized method) of medical devices (including rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for them, surgical and dental instruments, including rotating ones, as well as dental materials - impressions from alginate, silicone materials, polyester resin, dental workpieces made of metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials);
  • for pre-sterilization and final cleaning of medical devices (including rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments for them, surgical, dental instruments, including rotating ones, as well as dental materials), manually and mechanically (using ultrasound);
  • for high level disinfection of endoscopes;
  • for sterilization of medical products;
  • for disinfection of medical waste - disposable medical devices, dressings, disposable linen, etc. before their disposal in a healthcare facility:
  • for general cleaning in medical and preventive, preschool, school and other educational and health institutions, at communal facilities, penitentiary and other institutions;
  • for disinfection of footwear in order to prevent infections of fungal etiology:
  • for disinfection of biological material;
  • for the disinfection of blood and biological secretions (urine, feces, sputum) in medical institutions, diagnostic and clinical laboratories, at stations and points of transfusion and blood collection, on ambulance transport.
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