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Medicine, Medical products, Children care products, Child care goods, hygiene items, Personal care products, Individual protection supplies, Disinfectants and antiseptics Russia, Владикавказ, РСО-Алания, г. Владикавказ, ул. 5-я Промышленная, 4 А
Russia, Владикавказ, РСО-Алания, г. Владикавказ, ул. 5-я Промышленная, 4 А

The company OOO “Dezomed” was founded for the purpose of production and introduction of high-tech chemical products that are used in various spheres of life.


OOO “Dezomed” produces disinfectants containing alcohols, chlorine, alkalis and acids! This guarantees 100% safety for people and the environment, the demand for the product among consumers, as well as economic feasibility.


Our task is to produce and implement safe disinfectants for disinfection of various surfaces, sterilization of medical and veterinary instruments, as well as for preventive and forced disinfection of various objects, institutions of the food and non-food industry.


Our advantage:

1. Our tools are intended both to eliminate an existing problem, and as a preventive measure aimed at preventing infection.

2. Disinfectant "DEZOMED" in the parameters of acute toxicity refers to the 4th class of low-dangerous substances, when introduced into the stomach, to the 4th class of low-dangerous substances when applied on the skin and in the form of vapor inhalation, parenteral refers to 5 class practically non-toxic substances, does not have a local irritating action in the form of a concentrate of a single exposure to the skin, has skin-resorptive and sensitizing effect.

3. Low resistance of microorganisms to the product.

4. Long duration of disinfection action.

5. Effective for removing unpleasant odors.

6. Does not need rinsing after application of the working solutions.

7. getting Used to the disinfectant — (synonym tolerance to the agent used) does not cause viruses and bacteria to get used to the drug or there is no weakening of the effect of exposure with repeated use.

8. Does not contribute to the corrosive, destructive and discoloring effects on materials.

9. it is Possible to use the product in the presence of people, animals, birds and fish.

10. Hypoallergenic-this is the only one of its kind unique, unparalleled composition with a washing effect that does not contain chlorine, alcohol, acids, alkalis, perfumes. Especially recommended for Allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

11. Does not irritate the skin and / or respiratory tract.

12. Stable when stored.

13. The proposed product is superior to all chlorine, alkaline, alcoholic products of similar purpose in terms of consumer characteristics and price-performance ratio, known in the Russian and foreign markets .

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