Means "DEZOMED Universal", a "premium" product class 1000 ml.
Product description
Description of the tool Means "DEZOMED Universal" product "premium" class 1000ml, description and purpose: Our funds are intended both to eliminate an existing problem, and as a preventive measure aimed at preventing infection; According to the parameters of acute toxicity, the disinfectant "DEZOMED Universal" belongs to the 4th class of low-hazard substances when administered to the stomach, to the 4th class of low-hazard substances when applied to the skin and in the form of vapors when inhaled, when administered parenterally it belongs to the 5th class of practically non-toxic substances , does not have a local irritating effect in the form of a concentrate with a single exposure to the skin, does not have a skin resorptive and sensitizing effect; To remove unpleasant odors; Addiction to a disinfectant - (synonymous with tolerance to the agent used) does not cause viruses and bacteria to become addicted to the drug or the effect of exposure does not weaken with repeated use; Hypoallergenic - this is the only one of its kind, unique, unparalleled disinfectant with a washing effect, which does not contain chlorine, alcohol, acids, alkalis, fragrances; Does not cause irritation in contact with skin; Especially recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics; The proposed tool surpasses all products of a similar purpose known in the Russian and foreign markets in terms of consumer characteristics and the ratio of price and efficiency. for disinfection and washing of surfaces in rooms, hard and soft furniture, floor carpets, upholstery fabrics, furnishings, surfaces of apparatus, appliances, sanitary equipment, linen, dishes, dishwashing items, rubber polypropylene mats, cleaning equipment and material , toys; infectious foci during current, final and preventive disinfection; for disinfection of transport transporting food; for general cleaning in preschool, school and other educational and health institutions, at communal facilities, penitentiary and other institutions; for air disinfection by spraying at various objects, ventilation and air conditioning systems (household air conditioners, split systems, multi-zone split systems, roof air conditioners, etc.); for disinfection and washing of premises and equipment (except for equipment in contact with food) at catering establishments, food trade, consumer markets, utilities, hotels, hostels, swimming pools, water parks, fitness centers, baths, saunas, places of mass gatherings of people; for disinfection of shoes in order to prevent infections of fungal etiology of dermatophia); for disinfection of premises, equipment, tools, overalls, air of laundries, clubs, sanitary checkpoints and other public service facilities.
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Means "DEZOMED Universal", a "premium" product class 1000 ml. - 57131

4.83 USD/pcs 4.83 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 100000 pcs/per month

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Владикавказ, Russia
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