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USD 58414.63/pcs 58414.63
• Productivity of RBU: 60 cubic meters. meters per hour • Production of two grades of concrete at the same time • Twin-shaft concrete mixer V = 750 liters - 2 pieces • Fully automatic control of RBU • Production of ready-mixed concrete and reinforced concrete products (vibropress) simultaneously • The equipment is certified, the certificate of conformity GOST 27338-93 and GOST 16349-85 • Full 1 year warranty
USD 68597.56/pcs 68597.56
As a rule, for many enterprises using gaseous oxygen in technological processes, its purity is of great importance. To resolve this issue, the employees of ZEPRIKON CJSC offer enterprises to use their oxygen stations with an oxygen output of 99 (± 1)%. This purity is achieved through the use of state-of-the-art oxygen production methods using pressure swing adsorption.
USD 243902.44/pcs 243902.44
For filling a large number of cylinders and supplying consumers with oxygen in large volumes, a modular oxygen station was designed for filling 100 cylinders. This station is presented in three versions and can operate in the following modes: 1. refueling 100 oxygen cylinders within 8 hours; 2. refueling 100 oxygen cylinders in 18 hours; 3. Refueling 100 oxygen cylinders in 24 hours. Based on the needs of customers and their operating modes, each customer can receive his own oxygen station. In this case, the purity of oxygen can be adjusted in the range from 93 to 98%.
USD 76219.51/pcs 76219.51
For remote oxygen consumers, as well as for organizations that want to organize independent production of gaseous oxygen with its injection into cylinders, it offers a solution in the form of modular oxygen stations for filling cylinders. This equipment is specially equipped with a booster compressor and a ramp for filling cylinders. As a result, at the exit you get cylinders filled with gaseous oxygen, ready for operation.
USD 27439.02/pcs 27439.02
This equipment is based on the technology of short-cycle adsorption to separate air and obtain gaseous nitrogen at the outlet. This technology allows us to receive nitrogen at the outlet of our stations with a purity of up to 99.9995%. Our adsorption nitrogen stations produce nitrogen with a capacity of 20 to 8000 m3 / min and an outlet pressure of 3 to 150 bar. The stations can be made in a stationary (on a frame), modular design, on a chassis, on a sled.
USD 12195.12/pcs 12195.12
For supplying remote objects, as well as large industrial enterprises with compressed air, ZEPRIKON CJSC offers the optimal solution - modular air compressor stations. This type of equipment allows you to organize an autonomous supply of compressed air to the consumer, regardless of its location. A distinctive feature of modular air compressor stations is that all technological equipment is mounted in a container, in which they function as a single system. The power source for the operation of the station is the electrical network, as well as a specially installed diesel generator. Modular air compressor stations create a maximum compressed air capacity of up to 120 m3 / min and a maximum working pressure of up to 4.0 MPa.
USD 38109.76/pcs 38109.76
Mobile nitrogen station ZEPRIKON CJSC is an autonomous operating unit for the production of gaseous nitrogen. This station is based on a diesel compressor or diesel generator, which allows the station to operate without being connected to the mains. All equipment is mounted on a car chassis or installed in a metal container. Mobile nitrogen stations of ZEPRIKON CJSC allow to obtain nitrogen up to 3000 m3 / h and purity up to 99.99%. The control system of this station allows you to control all processes and equipment from one control panel and immediately set the required operating modes and characteristics of the final product.
USD 53353.66/pcs 53353.66
CJSC "ZEPRIKON" designs and manufactures block-type water compressor stations of medium and high performance according to the customer's specifications. A distinctive feature of this type of station is the placement of all technological equipment in a special building - block box. The advantage of the equipment is the absence of the need to build a building for compressor equipment, the autonomy of the compressor station, high productivity, low maintenance and operation costs.
USD 27439.02/pcs 27439.02
Contact Fast Freezer "KSA - 3500-12 / 1100" is designed for contact freezing of injected parts of poultry. A thin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) film is used as a supporting element, sliding over a cooled aluminum plate in which the refrigerant circulates. This type of film is approved for contact with food. The offered equipment is fully equipped and ready to work, it is enough to connect it to the power supply and refrigerant. A complete refrigeration unit can be offered as an option. The equipment is made on a stainless steel frame with adjustable feet for precise height adjustment. All structural elements (with the exception of contact plates, which are made of aluminum), conveyor rollers, housing, etc. made of stainless steel AISI-304, and the drive rollers and shafts are coated with a polymeric coating approved for contact with food. As a drive of the film, a motor with a variable, constantly controlled rotation transmission speed is used. The spent film is wound onto a reel using a transfer coupled to the main drive. A control panel made of stainless steel is installed on the supporting frame of the equipment. The panel contains the following elements: drive motor control unit, start / stop buttons, main switch, emergency stop button and freezer plate temperature sensor.
USD 6097.56/pcs 6097.56
The sorting system includes: an automated conveyor system controlled by a controller; barcode scanning system; actuators that move the product to the appropriate cells designed to work with a specific type of product. The system is designed based on the number of product types, space-planning solutions of the production site and possible additional requirements for the technological process.
USD 4573.17/pcs 4573.17
Cooler for cooling bread, confectionery Lipsia is a spiral cooler with a central drum that allows you to fully automate the process of cooling bread. Benefits: • High performance; • Relatively small size; • Possibility of continuous operation for a long period of time. The bread cooler has a central or lateral drive. As a rule, products are delivered to the upper tier. To control the height of the product, a gate with an end sensor is installed at the inlet.
USD 1829.27/pcs 1829.27
Equipment for bottling lemonade "Retro" is sold in configurations with three / six flasks in the form of a cone made of fiberglass or impact-resistant glass. The set includes a saturator, an assembled column for dispensing drinks, accessories for a gas bolon and a rack
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EnergoTech LLC -15 years is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality woodworking equipment.

The beginning of activity is the production of band saws that meet modern requirements for productivity and most importantly for the quality of products. To date, a team of professionals has formed that has exceeded 100 people, there are several workshops, warehouses, a separate head office and extensive experience in producing a whole gamut (more than 45 items) of modern woodworking equipment.

Serial production and extensive work experience allow EnergoTech LLC to supply reliable, trouble-free equipment at reasonable prices. The plant is actively expanding its network of representative offices and dealers in Russia and neighboring countries.

EnergoTech LLC is engaged in the production of Altai-3 brand woodworking machines. Altai machines have proven themselves in the market as reliable, high-performance, maximally meeting all requirements.

Being not only a manufacturer and supplier of Altai equipment, but also a developer for sawmills, our company offers really favorable conditions for the sale of woodworking equipment , and for its warranty and post-warranty service.

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