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Insecticide "PROXIDER" is a dry powder spray - specially prepared ground dust from marshalite (inert silicon oxide). PROXIDER - a group of powder silicon insecticidal eco preparations from Russian raw materials. An effective means of combating non-flying insects (cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, fleas, etc.), in household plots, veterinary medicine and agriculture, in hotels, sanatoriums, boarding houses. The basis for the start of the fight against cockroaches is the deprivation of their food zones: thorough cleaning of the table, washing dishes immediately after eating, daily emptying of garbage cans, cleaning the floor in the kitchen. production and eating, spaces under kitchen furniture, food waste storage areas, water risers in toilets, ventilation ducts, any openings in the structural elements of the building. In these locations, it is necessary to treat voids and hard-to-reach spaces under furniture, under the sink, places where water supply lines lie with the powder. Spreading PROXIDER MAXI in narrow paths so that the insect, when moving along its route, would certainly fall on the path of the drug, for example, around the trash can.PROXIDER MAXI additionally contains boric acid (intestinal poison for insects), which significantly accelerates the death of insect populations.
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PROXIDER MAXI pro - 80717

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