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Комплект этикетировочного оборудования для нанесения самоклеящихся этикеток

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND DESCRIPTION OF THE EQUIPMENT Automatic labeling line EM-5 is designed for sticking self-adhesive labels (1, 2 pieces or circular) on glass and PET containers, both cylindrical and square. DESCRIPTION AND OPERATING PRINCIPLE EM-5 can be used at chemical, food, pharmaceutical enterprises, meets all the necessary GMP requirements. Our own developments are used in the design and manufacture of equipment. The separation of the labels from the carrier (backing) occurs due to bending of the siliconized paper backing around the installation knife. The substrate is pulled by a drive roller with a silicone sheath connected to the applicator stepper drive shaft. The used substrate is reeled up by the pick-up axle. The liner is secured to it by means of an engaging device that provides fast roll loading and quick release of used liner. The drive is controlled by two sensors: a container sensor and a label sensor. The tare sensor starts the applicator drive when the tare enters its area of ​​action, swiping the label roll backing through the applicator. For proper operation of the applicator, the gap between the labels on the liner should be between 2 and 50 mm. Typically, it is 2 to 5 mm. The wrapper is designed for even distribution (smoothing) of labels when labeling bottles. ADVANTAGES Automated production work. Possibility to apply labels to different sides of the product. Wide range of conveyors (length and type of coverage). UNIVERSALITY It can be used in any industry. Can be used for different types of container sizes. It is possible to install any applicator and replace it if the conditions of the customer's technical specifications change. SPECIFICATIONS Parameters Meaning Maximum performance, pcs / hour up to 4000 Type of applied bottles glass / PET / PET (others are possible) Label length, mm from 20 (maximum is not limited) Label width, mm from 10 Deviation from parallelism labeling, ± 0.5 mm Film roll diameter, mm 250 Label feed speed, m / min. 40 Fixed label dispenser Power consumption, kW 0.5 Machine dimensions (L * W * H), mm 1200 * 1200 * 1500 Service staff, people 1 terms of Use operating temperature range, ° С from + 10 to +35 relative humidity,% no more than 80 at 25 ° С atmospheric pressure, kPa from 84 to 106.7
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