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RAYFIELD - Gift set Assam Leaf Tea "Strong" in Sachet 10 pieces for one-time brewing French press

LLC "Rayfield"
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RAYFIELD - Gift set Assam Loose Tea “Strong” in Sasha 10 pieces for a single brewing French press Ingredients: black tea, long leaf Indian medium leaf TGFOP Assam GOST: 32573-2013 Packing: Russia 100 g. - Article RD100SAC19, Real Indian black loose tea Assam TGFOP in a sachet of 10 grams for a single portioned brewing of a French press 600 ml. - 1000 ml. One RAYFIELD sachet of 10 grams and you have tea ready for the whole family or for a large and pleasant company. Strong enough for lovers of tea with milk. The best solution for lovers to drink real aromatic tea in the office or in the family with 3-7 people for a tea party. Only real black tea contains vitamin B2, C, E and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc in sufficient quantities to help you have beautiful and healthy skin. The ideal solution in the form of a welcome bonus or a compliment from the institution for your favorite customers: cafes, restaurants, the beauty and health industry. A convenient option for business trips and trips, when you can fail to take your favorite RAYFIELD tea and enjoy the aroma and astringent taste away from home. RAYFIELD tea is for those who care about their health and appreciate the true classic taste of black tea.
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