Metal seaming lids SKO / TWIST Marinaadia
Product description
We offer at the lowest prices in the shortest possible time products made on modern equipment using imported tin Seaming caps TWIST-off Seaming caps SKO I-82 Easy-open lid Seamless can No. 2 Seamless can No. 3 Seamless can No. 3a Bank 3-piece welded No. 7 3x welded canister No. 7b Bank 3-piece welded No. 9 We also produce tin accessories for tubes (lid and bottom) with diameters from 55-120 mm at very competitive prices. The lid and bottom, as a rule, are lacquered in the color of gold or silver, or remain unpainted, which will significantly reduce the cost of components. Our company carefully monitors the quality, all products are manufactured on modern equipment using imported tin.
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Metal seaming lids SKO / TWIST Marinaadia - 58255

USD 1.0 - 10.0 USD

Minimum order: 1000000 pcs

Supply ability: 30000000 pcs/per month

OOO TD Ramtex-Trading
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