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Иван-чай "BioNergy"

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Siberian Ivan tea RESTORATION with thyme.

Tea with thyme is an indispensable tool for restoring strength, health and vitality. A rich drink quenches thirst in the summer, warms in the winter, fills the air with a pleasant aroma and enhances immunity. Thyme tea has a positive effect on the nervous system, removes stress and chronic fatigue.

Siberian Ivan tea IMMUNITY with cranberries, mint, currants and cornflower.

A unique tea collection enhances your immunity, strengthens the entire body as a whole, actively fights viruses and bacteria, protecting and preserving your youth, activity and vitality.

Siberian Ivan tea TONUS with currant.

The drink has a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system, stimulates brain activity, increases the overall tone of the body and strengthens the body's defense against various viruses and microbes, which is especially important during the cold season.

Siberian Ivan-tea LONGEVITY classic, leaf.

Collected in the meadows of Siberia, Ivan tea enhances immunity, bestows health and longevity. A drink from Ivan tea copes with stress and neurosis, cleanses the body, eliminates headaches, helps control hunger, normalizes blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory properties, protecting your body for many years.


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