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Fast-acting bakery yeast "Bekmaya" is made from a special strain of osmotolerant yeast, which is suitable for recipes with a high sugar and fat content and is intended both for the preparation of such products as kulich, butter rolls and buns, as well as for conventional bread recipes, pizza, lavash. And also the strain is highly active in the processes of sugar fermentation for the preparation of homemade traditional strong drinks. The indisputable advantages of Bekmaya yeast over analogues are: Universal use: For dough: add yeast directly to flour or pre-dissolve in warm water at 32-35 ° C. For drinks: dissolve sugar and yeast in warm water, add the rest of your recipe. Guarantee of consistently high quality of baked goods and drinks with Bekmaya yeast. Packing: 100 g Shelf life: 2 years in original packaging, in a cool dry place at temperatures up to 25 ° C. It is recommended to close the opened packaging tightly and store in the refrigerator
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