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Floating pump PH-Mammoth-2400

The floating pump is designed to deliver high amounts of water, drain lagoons resulting from flooding, replenish fire engine tanks with water from outdoor natural water sources. It can also be used in other applications, such as agriculture, building sites, etc.

Main specifications:

Max. flow 2 400 l/min
Total head 22 m
Discharge connection Storz A110 (4”)
Engine Honda GXV 390
Engine power 7.6 kW / 10.2 HP / 13HP (SAEJ1995)
Fuel tank capacity 2.1 l
Fuel unleaded petrol (BA 95)
Float dimensions (L x W x H) 980 x 710 x 200 mm
Device dimensions (L x W x H) 1080 x 730 x 500 mm
Dry weight (empty) 53 kg
Cat. number vv 287

The pump and the engine are in one unit, so the pump cannot be used independently. The engine shaft goes through the pump block without a sealing. The pump block is bolted to the engine through the supporting plate and the pump cannot be connected to any other engine type. The bottom side of the block is fitted with a cover to prevent debris and particles over 20 mm in diameter. The delivery outlet is fitted with an A 110 (4") Storz coupling.

The float body is made of polyethylene by centrifugal injection as one block. The internal wall has about 20 mm of hard polyurethane foam
in order to increase resistance to breakthrough which guarantees unsinkability of the device. This design of the float features outstanding
stability on the water surface. The frame is used both for carrying and handling the unit and also for fixing a rope to secure it in its position.
The design of the pump allows dry-running without damage.

The data was measured by the accredited testing laboratory TÚPO No. 1011-2

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