Desiccator 200 mm
Product description
Desiccators are used to slowly dry samples, to cool them down, and to store samples at zero humidity. In it, they are reliably protected from air, from which the sample can absorb an indefinite amount of water. Dryers are used in weight analysis, in soil science, in some other areas. This product is equipped with a 24/29 vacuum valve, a porcelain disc with holes is included in the delivery set. The cover fits snugly. Glass desiccator, made of heat-resistant and chemically resistant glass. Characteristics Country of origin Czech Republic Diameter, mm 269 (outer) Thin line 24/29 Description 200 Disc diameter, mm 190
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Desiccator 200 mm - 10829

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ПраймКемикалсГрупп, ООО
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