Electric shaver Breetex Rondo BR 5202 W
Electric shaver Breetex Rondo BR 5202 W
Electric shaver Breetex Rondo BR 5202 W
Product description
Shaver Breetex BR-5202W "Rondo" - an electric shaver of the updated Breetex line combines high shaving technologies and unique design. Breetex focuses on quality and innovation to make your shave better. The design of Breetex shavers combines excellent functionality, reliable quality and sophisticated aesthetics, thanks to beneficial constructive and modern solutions. What could be better than the functional characteristics of an electric shaver and beautiful design? Only their harmonious combination! Rotary three-blade shaving system. Special water-resistant casing for easy cleaning: the blade unit is washed with water. Innovative state-of-the-art design. High-tech, washable, ultra-fine stainless steel blade pairs. Wet and dry shaving, high-speed operation, battery operation
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Electric shaver Breetex Rondo BR 5202 W - 25373

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Харьков Электробритва
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