Hockey rinks (HDPE)
Hockey rinks (HDPE)
Hockey rinks (HDPE)
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Dimensions of hockey boxes:Plastic sides with thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, 10mmHockey box 10x20-from 230,000 rublesHockey box 15x30-from 350,000 rublesHockey box 20x40-from 455,000 rublesHockey box 26x56-from 620,000 rublesHockey box 30x60-from 680,000 rublesAdvantages of the hockey box made of HDPE / HDPE plastic.HDPE itself is a very interesting material and in some ways even unique, with high technical characteristics. It is its properties that fully provide all the advantages and disadvantages of the sides of the hockey box.Resistance to deformations. This is a very important point, because during the game, fences are very often hit by players, and without this property, the fence risks being permanently damaged.< br>Durability. Plastic of this type does not rot, does not rust and does not change color under the influence of ultraviolet rays.Resistance to sudden changes in temperature. Most plastics become brittle in the cold – in contrast, low-pressure polyethylene does not react at all to negative temperatures. In the same way, it does not change its properties even at a relatively high plus temperature of the surrounding air.Vandal-proof properties. A very important point, if the hockey box will be installed in an unguarded public place. HDPE plastic is a very strong material that is very difficult to break.< br>Low cost. This is an inexpensive material-together with a relatively simple manufacturing technology, this fact makes the plastic sides of hockey boxes the most optimal choice.Among other things, you can not miss the advantages that the modular design of the sides provides – namely, easy installation and, if necessary, dismantling and reinstalling, as well as trouble-free transportation by any type of cargo transport.Plastic sides on metal frames< / p>with a rounded radius in Novosibirsk< / p> < img src= "file: / //C:/Users/22E5~1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.jpg">Hockey boards < / strong> are a collapsible structure consisting of plastic panels (UV HDPE-300) with a rebound plate and railings, fixed to a reinforced metal frame, fully compliant with the requirements for hockey boards.Operating temperature for panels: HDPE from -70C to +100C Dimensions of each straight panel: thickness 9mm; height 1,230 mm; length 2,000 mm.(2pcs*1000mm).The 250mm wide yellow rebound plate is made of HDPE and secured with rivets at the bottom of each side. The 60mm wide blue railing, made of HDPE, is secured with rivets at the top of each side. Each section is fastened with rivets to a metal welded frame made of a profile pipe 40x25x1. 5 mm, 50x25x1. 5 mm. The sections are connected to each other by M10 bolts. The racks to which the sides are attached are welded metal structures made of a 50x25x1. 5 mm profile pipe, mounted to the base of the platform with anchor bolts. The hockey box set includes: ― wickets for players with a width of 900 mm (2 pcs.) with a bolt; - technological gates with a width of 4000 mm, with a bolt. All fasteners are galvanized. All metal structures of hockey boards are covered with a polymer coating of blue RAL 5005.Fiberglass boards on metal frames< / p>with a radius of rounding in Novosibirsk#hockey board #hockey court #hockey box< / p> < img src= "file: / //C:/Users/22E5~1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image003.jpg">Fiberglass panels< / strong> white color meet the requirements for hockey boards: thickness 6-7mm; height -1,230 mm ; length -2,000 mmIn the upper part of the side railing blue color width 60mmThe lower part of the side is reinforced with a 250 mm wide yellow rebound plate. The composition of the hockey boards includes < br>- wickets for players with a width of 900 mm (2 pcs.) with self-closing locks.― technological swing-type gate with a width of 4000 mm (1 pc.) with a bolt for closing.The gate doors are equipped with sliding rollers for easy opening/closing (comp.)The frames and racks to which the sides are attached are metal structures that support the panels of the sides and are attached to the base of the platform with anchor bolts.The frame and racks are made of steel profile pipe 50x25mm, 40x25xmm.The frame frame has additional vertical and horizontal stiffeners, which prevent the deformation of fiberglass.The entire metal structure of the hockey court is covered with a polymer coating. < strong>Mesh fencing on the corners and behind the gates:To protect the puck from falling outside the site, a fence is provided on the rounding of the hockey box, which consists of panels made of a 35x35x3mm steel corner, painted in blue, with a filling of a galvanized chain-link mesh with a 45x45 cell. The height of the installed fence is 1.5 m. Fencing can be made around the entire perimeter of the hockey court at the request of the customer.
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