Ceiling infrared heaters
Ceiling infrared heaters
Ceiling infrared heaters
Ceiling infrared heaters
Ceiling infrared heaters
Ceiling infrared heaters
Ceiling infrared heaters
Product description
Panel heating to 120 ° C, which allows you to heat the entire height of the room and heat the floor in the area under the panel. HSteel infrared electric heating with metal heaters is a system that saves up to 60% energy compared to alternative heating systems. Steel panels combine infrared heat with optimal spectral characteristics, which creates exceptional thermal comfort and the ability to be placed on the ceiling. Thanks to these two features, a high-quality thermal heating is created in the room: evenly walls and objects in the room. The high efficiency of HSteel panels is due to the special design and properties of the heating element, the large heat transfer area, as well as the process stabilization rate, which is a criterion for evaluating the effectiveness. Thanks to the original arrangement of the heating element on the entire surface of the HSteel panel, the fastest stabilization of the process is achieved. One HSteel ceiling panel (0.40 kW) can heat up to 4 m². Thanks to the use of temperature controllers, the system works only 5-7 hours a day. Compared to alternative heating systems, HSteel will be about 3 times more economical. Installation of panels is very simple and can be performed as soon as possible. HSteel ceiling heaters are an excellent solution both for local heating and for heating the entire room. Also, due to the design features, the panels can be placed in suspended ceilings of the Armstrong type.
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