Cold water meter with pulse output VSHd-20
Cold water meter with pulse output VSHd-20
Cold water meter with pulse output VSHd-20
Product description
VSKhd-20 water meters are used to control the volume of cold water flow that meets the standards of 51232-98 and sanitary rules 2.04.07-86. The water flow must correspond to certain parameters: the largest delivery volume 5.0 m3 / hour, 63 m3 / day, water temperature +5 to +50 0С, pressure up to 1.6 MPa, < / li> water pipe diameter up to ¾ inch. Getting results Water consumption data is sent to the computer by means of electrical impulses that are generated when the reed switch is turned on built into the VSKhD-20 meters. The reed switch switching mechanism is connected to the impeller and is configured to operate when one liter of water passes. The impulse is fed through the wires to the computer, and a special program transforms the electrical impulses into a system of numerical values.
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Cold water meter with pulse output VSHd-20 - 16217

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