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USD 8.99/pcs 8.99
Sizer: fit 390x390x43, overall 455x455x180 Color: Brown. Red. Green Weight: 5.2 kg. Warranty: 5 years Production company "Tesera" offers protective caps for fence posts made of polymer-sand composite of its own production. Advantages of PPK fence hoods The main advantages of PPK hoods, designed to protect pillars made of stone, brick or blocks from weather factors, are: high aesthetics, thanks to which the structure acquires a finished look; compatibility with fence construction materials; high level of resistance to moisture, high and low temperatures, temperature extremes; resistance to mechanical damage; high strength of fixation on fence posts; wear resistance; the ability to maintain the original appearance until the end of the service life; durability. The light weight of the PPK intake caps makes it easy to install and remove the protective tops. Caps with an original design fit perfectly into the landscape of the site.
USD 13.11/pcs 13.11
Polymer sand hatches have long replaced cast iron and concrete counterparts. Due to the material of manufacture, polymer sand hatches combine the strength of cast iron, the ability to select the required load, the choice of color in combination with paving slabs or lawn. Advantages: Easy assembly Durability Economical Combination with other elements from other material Characteristics of goods: Composition: 75% sand; 25% polymers; dye. Types of hatches and gratings: Hatch revision PPK type "dacha" d-560 up to 0.8t. Black; 750 rub. Inspection hatch PPK type "LM" (light small) d-580 up to 1.5t. Black; 860 rub. Inspection hatch PPK type "LM" (light small) d-580 up to 1.5t. Green, red; 900 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "L" (light) d-580 up to 3t. Black;1260 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "L" (light) d-580 up to 3t. Green, red; 1300 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "C" (medium) d-600 up to 6t. Black;1520 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "ULSP" (Reinforced average) d-630 up to 7t. Black;1980 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "ULSP" (Reinforced medium) d-630 up to 12.5t. Black; 2100 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "ULTP" (Reinforced heavy) d-640 up to 15t. Black;2350 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "ULTP" (Reinforced heavy) d-640 up to 25t. Black;2850 rub. Hatch revision PPK type "ALTP" (Reinforced main) d-640 up to 25t. Black;4130 rub. Reinforced storm water inlet round heavy PP (ADKT) d-640 25t black; 3990 rub. Reinforced storm water grate heavy PP (ARDTP-B) 890X590X80 black; 4030 rubles. Reinforced storm water grate heavy PP (ARDTP-B) 830X410X70 black.3160 ​​rub.
USD 2.21/pcs 2.21
Advantages of polymer-sand paving slabs "Parquet" Among the advantages of polymer sand tiles, it should be noted: high wear resistance; service life of at least 30 years; high level of moisture resistance; frost resistance due to the lack of water absorption; low level of thermal conductivity, excluding the formation of ice or snowdrifts on the coating; anti-slip properties; acid resistance and oil resistance; high maintainability; ease of installation and dismantling with subsequent installation; the ability to maintain its original appearance until the end of the life of the coating. The aesthetic tiles are available in a variety of colours. Characteristics of polymer-sand paving slabs "Parquet": – Product size (LxWxH): 330x330x30 — Weight of 1 tile: 3.8 kg – Number of tiles in 1 sq.m.: 9 pcs. – Number of tiles on a pallet: 20 sq.m - price for 1 piece 145 rubles. – price for 1 sq.m 1300 rub
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Tessera manufactures, distributes and develops polymer-sand composite building materials. Products made from this material are superior in many respects to analogues made from concrete and metal.

The volume and geography of deliveries is expanding every year. Building materials made from polymer-sand composite due to their excellent characteristics are increasingly used in the construction industry. Tessera, in turn, is trying to take into account all customer requests, jointly developing new types of products.

The production lines are equipped with modern equipment for the processing of plastics and the production of building materials from a polymer-sand composite. Specifications were developed and GOST quality certificates were obtained for all products.

By using secondary polymers in the production of products, we strive to achieve high consumer qualities of the product. Our company plans to increase the range and volumes of products. 

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