Cap PPK on the pillar 1.5x1.5 brick
Cap PPK on the pillar 1.5x1.5 brick
Cap PPK on the pillar 1.5x1.5 brick
Cap PPK on the pillar 1.5x1.5 brick
Product description
Sizer: fit 390x390x43, overall 455x455x180 Color: Brown. Red. Green Weight: 5.2 kg. Warranty: 5 years Production company "Tesera" offers protective caps for fence posts made of polymer-sand composite of its own production. Advantages of PPK fence hoods The main advantages of PPK hoods, designed to protect pillars made of stone, brick or blocks from weather factors, are: high aesthetics, thanks to which the structure acquires a finished look; compatibility with fence construction materials; high level of resistance to moisture, high and low temperatures, temperature extremes; resistance to mechanical damage; high strength of fixation on fence posts; wear resistance; the ability to maintain the original appearance until the end of the service life; durability. The light weight of the PPK intake caps makes it easy to install and remove the protective tops. Caps with an original design fit perfectly into the landscape of the site.
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Cap PPK on the pillar 1.5x1.5 brick - 82986

8.99 USD/pcs 8.99 USD

Minimum order: 20 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per month

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