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Changshengchuan 2020 Green Tea(Maojian) Superfine № 33001

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Supply ability: 100 Ton/per quarter

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Green tea from the province of Mao Jian .


Small and delicate shoots with an original and uniform color.


Dry leaf fragrance: bright, delicate, fresh, with a slight herbiness and florality. Subtle fruity notes with spices.


Aroma of the warmed leaf: fragrant, slightly spicy. Light vanilla note with sourness of wild berries and sweetness. 


Color of the infusion: transparent, light green.


Taste and aftertaste: sweet, herbaceous, refreshing taste with a smooth transition to astringent, slightly minty and spicy aftertaste. The taste of fresh grass and flowers. Light sourness of wild (forest) berries.


Action: invigorating and toning, refreshing.


Brewing: thin-walled porcelain gaiwan or glass teapot, temperature not higher than 80°C. Brew is recommended by the method of spillage (do not insist for a long time).

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