dry planed bar
dry planed bar
dry planed bar
dry planed bar
dry planed bar
dry planed bar
dry planed bar
dry planed bar
Product description
Planed lumber plays a big role in our modern, everyday life. This is a truly environmentally friendly material with excellent technical properties - strength and durability. Therefore, the planed bar finds its application in the manufacture of furniture, floors, decoration of buildings and premises. Our company offers you, dear colleagues and partners, a planed block of coniferous wood from the forests of the Kirov region and the Komi Republic, made on modern and precise equipment. We are responsible for the quality of our products! The moisture content of the timber is 12% ± 2% The rhomboid shape of the timber in the section, as well as the winging along the length is not allowed. Arrow deflection no more 4-6mm for two meters of the length of the product. 1.The core is allowed no more than 100 mm in length at a distance of 1/3 from the edge. 2. The core beams are not allowed. 3. Cracks are not are allowed. 4. Chemical stains (blue) are not allowed. 5. Wormhole is not allowed. 6. Not simple and wane is not allowed.
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dry planed bar - 27688

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Minimum order: 10 Ton

Supply ability: 100 Ton/per month

LLC "Vector"
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Киров, Russia
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