TAN BROWN granite tiles
Product description
Granite tile TAN BROWN (TEN BROWN) of a noble, saturated dark brown color with a copper shade and with small black inclusions. It is one of the most popular natural stones from India. Sometimes it can be found under the name: DARK TAN GRANITE or ENGLISH BROWN. The structure is medium and coarse, uniform. The surface lends itself to any processing. In the warehouses of the Venice Stone company there is always available tile sizes 600x300x15, 600x300x18, 600x300x30, 600x600x18 and 600x600x30 mm with a polished and heat-treated surface. Granite tiles TAN BROWN are used for exterior cladding: facade, basement, porch, steps, landscape gardening. In interior decoration, tiles are most often used on floors in rooms with high traffic: metro, shopping centers, medical centers, etc.
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TAN BROWN granite tiles - 52009

38.0 USD/pcs 38.0 USD

Minimum order: 1 m2

Supply ability: 10000 m2/per day

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Москва, Russia
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