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48 HOURS - products with ginseng

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I am Turkish from 48 companies of the group. Below is a presentation of our company and products. Our company, founded in 2006, works through distributors in Turkey and abroad.

Our main goal is always customer satisfaction and trust. The success of our clients is our success !!

Our product category is in line with the constantly growing and developing trends in the global market. We sincerely believe that this will bring you significant financial benefits and that you will enjoy working with our company.

Our brands "Nitro Max" and "48 Hours" currently have 4 different products:

1. Ginseng drink

2. Instant coffee with ginseng

3. Chocolate with ginseng

4. Chocolate with ginseng

We will introduce two more different products shortly:

1. Shot with ginseng

2. Candy with ginseng. Our products have unique and immediately effective characteristics that help you discover the highlights of your life. Nitro Max and 48 Hours include ginseng, which has been used for thousands of years in alternative therapies for men and women. We revived it in our performance drink. This wonderful formula will enhance your experience and will be indispensable for you. Ginseng "Nitro Max" and "48 Hours", created in accordance with high technology standards. The botanical name for ginseng, “Panax”, comes from the word “panacea,” which in Greek means “complete recovery.” As a unique high performance beverage, our products also have all the properties and vitamins that healthy drinks should have. Another additional effect is that ginseng is an aphrodisiac for the male population.

Our main goal is to become a global leader in this industry and to make our high quality herbal products available to all customers around the world.

We want to see you as a partner in our work with products that are rapidly spreading and gaining popularity around the world. which are rapidly spreading all over the world.

Trust in our products, as well as the satisfaction of our customers' needs, are indispensable for us!

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