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The molds are suitable for the production of various types of hard and semi-hard cheeses. Microperforated plastic molds Mold diameter from 90 to 360 mm. Weight for cheese: from 300 grams to 10 kg. The cover from the mold is installed only straight, this avoids distortions during pressing. Due to the greater wall thickness, the shape retains its shape: the circle will not be rearranged into an oval. The absence of seams ensures the strength and durability of the mold. Service life - up to 20 years with proper care and use.
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Bar molds for hard cheese: from 500 grams to 15 kilograms. Square molds for hard cheese: from 1.5 to 10 kilograms. Service life - up to 20 years with proper care and use. Seamless micro-perforated plastic molds for the production of hard cheese are made of special food grade plastic, which gives them unique characteristics: elasticity, strength and density. The precise angle of microperforation avoids damage to the chemical bond of the material and subsequent breakage of the molds. The finished cheese will stand out for its clear shape, smooth edges, closed surface. Cheese molds can be made in different colors. For large production volumes, different colors help distinguish different batches of cheeses.
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Washing cheese molds will save water and detergents during operation. Provides cleanliness of forms in accordance with SANPIN. Washing process: the molds pass sequentially through each section of the tunnel, where they are washed with water and detergent solutions, disinfectants. The operator installs molds, lids or other containers on the inbound conveyor and receives clean equipment at the exit. The machine for washing cheese molds consists of 2 to 5 sections   All elements of the machine are made of stainless steel and materials approved for use in the food and dairy industry. Two washing modes: manual and automatic. The machine can be retrofitted with additional sections or the number of sections can be reduced.
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The pneumatic vertical press is used for pressing all types of cheese. Suitable for working with iron and plastic molds, multi-molds and euroblocks. The vertical press maintains uniform pressure through the use of fluoroplastic bushings. Distortions during pressing are excluded. The press is started to work in sections. An additional option is the setting of individual pressure in each section. The whey collection tray allows collection and removal of whey and eliminates additional bacterial contamination. The press can be either with a manual or with an automatic control panel. The automatic control panel has two operating modes: -Step pressing program, in which several pressing modes are sequentially prescribed one after the other -Manual input of pressure values and pressing time by the operator. We manufacture a press individually according to the needs of your production.
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The cheese slicer is designed for slicing bar cheese up to 50 cm long. The machine has three slicing programs: -Number of servings -Portions of fixed weight cheese with leftover chunk -Slicing for medium weight Semi-automatic cheese slicer for fixed weight portions. Easy to operate and maintain. All parts of the machine are designed from stainless steel and materials approved for use in the food industry. Suitable for industries that start cutting and packaging cheese up to 3 tons of cheese per shift. Specifications: Productivity 30 portions per minute Working surface height 1000 mm Dimensions 2500 * 1500 * 1800 mm. AiSi 304 stainless steel construction Air 6 bar Electrical connection 380 W FESTO pneumatic components Sick / Telemecfnigue Safety Elements Festo servo motors
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The cheese slicer is designed for slicing round cheese into fixed-weight portions. Has three slicing programs: - cutting into a given number of pieces, cutting into portions of a fixed weight with the last remaining piece; slicing for medium weight. The fixed weight slicing machine makes it easy to enter large retail chains. Cheese segments are cut in the ranges specified by GOST. A stainless steel blade is used for slicing. The equipment is easy to reconfigure from one cheese size to another. The fixed weight cheese slicer is easily operated by the operator. The machine is designed in accordance with global safety standards. Specifications: Touch screen 5 " Remote connection to PLC for service. Equipped with electronic scales. The height of the working area is 1000 mm. Dimensions 1500 * 900 * 1900 mm. Trolley-mounted for easy maintenance.
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The cheesemaker is a double-walled cylindrical vessel, in order to avoid heating the outer surfaces to a dangerous temperature, on the outside it has a layer of thermal insulation covered with a lining. The delivery set includes a removable measuring ruler to determine the volume of the poured milk. To ensure sanitary and hygienic rules for food production and reduce heat loss to the environment, the cheese maker has removable lids. To control the temperature of the product and the heat carrier in the heat exchange jacket, temperature sensors are installed at the rear of the cheese maker. The inner bath has a sloping bottom to completely drain the product when installed correctly. The control is carried out by the control panel, which is located next to the cheese maker. It is possible to connect to self-supporting insulated wire. Specifications: Volume 1100 l Working volume 1000 l Maximum heating temperature 72 ° C Drain hole diameter 100 mm Electrical connection 380 V + 3ph + 0 Frequency 50 Hz Dimensions 2500 * 2200 * 2500 Made of stainless steel AISI 321 and AISI 304.
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This model of the installation is designed to receive milk in a continuous flow from tank cars and interdepartmental metering at the dairy industry. The control is carried out by the operator in a semi-automatic mode. Technological operations such as switching filters, cleaning filter elements, turning on / off the pump, monitoring parameters, regulating product cooling, maintaining a given cycle of technological operations and partial washing of the installation are carried out and controlled by the operator. In automatic mode, air is vented and maintaining the desired product temperature. Productivity from 5000 to 20,000 l / hour.
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horizontal and vertical cheese press
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The cheese slicer is designed for slicing both round and squared cheese. Three slicing programs: for portions of a fixed weight with the last remaining piece and without a remainder, or for a specified number of pieces. The choice of parameters is based on the technical task (we build a matrix based on your type of cheese and needs). Productivity - up to 45 cuts per minute. The range also includes automatic cheese cutting lines.
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Machinery, Industrial parts & tools, Food & agro machinery, equipment, Industrial machinery parts, Food Machinery,Equipments, Packaging Machines Russia, г. Нижний Новгород, пр-кт Гагарина, 178, офис 513.

Компания «APS group» на рынке уже более 10 лет. Основными направлениями являются молочное и упаковочное оборудование.

Среди наших партнеров всемирно известные компании Nichrome (вертикальные упаковочные машины), FACCHINETTI (оборудование для сыра), Busque (формы для твердых сыров), DM Pack и Preferred Packaging (горизонтальное упаковочное оборудование).

Основные задачи, с которыми к нам обращаются Клиенты:

  1. Расширение ассортимента.
  2. Увеличение производительности за счет автоматизации производства и внедрения инноваций (модернизация существующих участков, линий и заводов).
  3. Проектирование участков, линий и заводов и реализация.
  4. Покупка отдельных единиц молочного и упаковочного оборудования.
  5. Монтаж и сервисное обслуживание.
  6. Покупка расходных материалов и запчастей.

Все это позволяет Вам получить дополнительную прибыль за счет расширения ассортимента, повышения качества продукта, уменьшить эксплуатационные расходы на оборудование за счет его экономичности, повысить надежность производства за счет снижения процента выхода оборудования из строя.

Мы работаем как с небольшими, так и с крупными предприятиями. За прошедшие годы в число наших партнеров вошли ОАО «Апатитский молочный комбинат», региональные предприятия компании «Вимм-Билль-Данн», ОАО «Кезский сыродельный завод», ОАО «Лактис», ТнВ «Сыр Стародубский», ГК Киприно, ПИР ПАК, Алев, предприятия Приволжского региона и многие другие.

Стабильная и эффективная работа «APS group» позволяет нашим заказчикам быть уверенными в надежности оборудования, точности и качестве исполнения заказа и требований. Приобретенный за время работы уникальный опыт, глубокое понимание Ваших потребностей, знание мирового рынка оборудования и современных технологий производства позволяют подобрать для Вас наиболее выгодные варианты создания или модернизации предприятий.

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