Fixed Weight Cheese Slicer
Product description
The cheese slicer is designed for slicing bar cheese up to 50 cm long. The machine has three slicing programs: -Number of servings -Portions of fixed weight cheese with leftover chunk -Slicing for medium weight Semi-automatic cheese slicer for fixed weight portions. Easy to operate and maintain. All parts of the machine are designed from stainless steel and materials approved for use in the food industry. Suitable for industries that start cutting and packaging cheese up to 3 tons of cheese per shift. Specifications: Productivity 30 portions per minute Working surface height 1000 mm Dimensions 2500 * 1500 * 1800 mm. AiSi 304 stainless steel construction Air 6 bar Electrical connection 380 W FESTO pneumatic components Sick / Telemecfnigue Safety Elements Festo servo motors
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Fixed Weight Cheese Slicer - 64227

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